Season 1 Episode 18

The Wood

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Feb 05, 2011 on Nickelodeon

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  • Why can't I watch any of the episodes on here

    Okay I know I can watch other tv series here but Why is it that whatever i pick from teennick I can't watch? Is there a copyright thing or something? I mean I love their shows and I've watched them when they've premiered but Ive been trying to find them online for ages.

    BY the way, this episode was one of the less likable episodes for me however I still love the show.
  • Now i think Victorious is a pretty good show, but this episode is just fair.

    OK I thought that this was a fair Victorious. This episode is about a reality TV show coming to Hollywood Arts and the show is called the The Wood but when Beck and Tori and in it they make the show look like that Beck and Tori are dating. OK when i saw in the promo back last year, i was really excited because i thought that this was gonna a be a good episode but my mistake. Now i would've raised the score higher if it wasn't for the producer lying about whats really going on in Hollywood Arts. I mean its a reality show, and its not reality if they're lying. Well i did enjoy the first half, but it started going downhill in the second half. It was kind of preditable like Robbie and Trina working in the Taco Truck, it was obisouvous that they would have a hard time and the scene when Tori and Jade were smashing a fake car i knew it would be someonelses car. The supbplot was kind of funny, the first half. Overall 6.5/10.
  • Why the low scores?..... Oh well, everyone has their own opinions but I found this episode to be excellent and just plain funny all the way


    I thought that this was an excellent episode of "Victorious". Sure, the episode was predictable but at least it wasn't TOO predictable. I thought the story was excellent enough for me to enjoy this episode. I don't why this episode got low scores. Oh well, everyone does have their own opinions and not everyone is gonna be happy with one episode or one show. Opinions are OUR opinions and that's how we were created. Anyways, I found this episode to be highly entertaining and super funny. If you asked me, it was random and just plain wacky. My only complaint is that my favorite Cat was absent in this episode. Oh man, why can't Jade be absent instead? Cat brightens this show while Jade ruins and darkens the show with her dark and threatening humor. Oh well, this episode still managed to be excellent without Cat. The Victorious crew are starring in a reality TV show called "The Wood". Robbie's laser thing in the beginning of the episode made me laugh very hard. Everything that was in this episode was very funny and made me laugh pretty hard. The Trina/Robbie plot was also cracking me up especially the joke with Robbie saying "I'm not Andy Samberg". To be honest, Robbie does actually look like Andy Samberg. Tori, Andre, Jade, and Beck pretending to argue and fight with each other to make the reality show interesting was comedy gold and very funny. Tori and Jade destroying Festus' car (not knowing that it was the wrong car) made me laugh very hard. I also loved Tori and Jade bringing Festus home in a wheelbarrow. Overall, this episode may be predictable, random, and wacky but all of things combined together made me laugh very hard in this hilarious episode of "Victorious". 10/10

  • 118

    Good yet predictable episode of Victorious. Like who else knew that the car that Jade & Tori were smashing was not the real car? Or who else knew that Nickelodeon promos for this episode were wildly misleading? I know I did, and although I this episode was predictable, it was still a good episode.

    We got great interactions between Robbie & Trina, I always love interactions between the two and they were just hilarious here. The auditions were probably the funniest, and the video taken out of context was pretty funny, at least Jade's reaction to it was.

    Although the idea of a reality show being focused on a couple of high school kids doesn't seem very realistic, even for Victorious, it was still enjoyable. I felt like Cat was absent here, she definitely needed more screen time. Good episode overall.
  • Robbie: She stabbed my hand with a fork!

    Sooooooooooooooo the guys audition for a new reality called "The Wood" (short for Hollywood, not what YOU'RE thinking). Andre, Tori, Jade & Beck get in. Not Trina. So then they film the guys doing stuff, anc then on the big prmeire day, they edit 2 different phone cals to make it look lie Tori & Beck are seeing each other behind Beck's back.

    Jade doesn't buy the edit thign so they go see the producers, who downright tell them it's edited. So then the guys deceid to do fake fights in school on purpose to be filmed. But they go overboard when they destroy the cafeteria dude's car instead of the trahsed car they ordered, so the school counselor insults the heck of of the producers and snet them to film anohter school.

    There was also a lame subplot of Robbie & Trina running the cafeteria (which's only good joke was Trina frying Rex's arm).

    OVerall: VERY weak outing of Victorious. The plot was really dull and went anywhere, Trina was only mildy amusing & CAt wasn0t there (WTF writers?! She was MADE for this plot!). So yeah, 7/10.
  • 118

    Okay, Victorious is still the top kids comedy on TV in my book, but this was not one of the better episodes. I was excited when I saw the premise, I mean, a reality show filming at this school, with these characters? Should be good, right? But it really was not. They had a few clever jabs at the much-maligned reality show genre, but as a whole it was just too over the top for me. The fight between Victoria and Jade (the rest of their scenes together were good, like they usually are) and Trina and Robbie at the grub truck? Some funny moments, but also some very pathetic ones.
  • fair

    Tori, Andre, Jade and Beck are going to be on "The Wood", a new reality show being filmed at Hollywood Arts. They follow Tori and friends around and film them, but to make it interesting, they take two different phone conversations between Tori and Beck (Tori was talking to her aunt and Beck was ordering a pizza), and they make it sound like Tori and Beck are a couple. Are they?

    Good episode, the first half anyway. The second half was kind of boring and predictable (Tori and Jade not smashing the right car, I knew right away that it was going to be someone's), and it seemed to rush. The Robbie/Trina plot was also boring and kind of went nowhere. So all in all, this was just kind of an average episode, I thought; henceforth my final grade is a low "C".