Season 3 Episode 4

The Worst Couple

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Feb 11, 2012 on Nickelodeon

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  • Best Episode Ever!!!!!!!!!

    Suck it Jade! Bori all the way :P
  • Victorious's second valentines day themed episode but it was definetly better than the Wood.

    OK I knew that there would be an episode like this I'd always thought it would be better than this but it was just good. OK Beck and Jade help Sinjin do a couples game show. Ok when I first saw this episode I made it officail that Beck and Jade are the WORST couple on the TV show history NO JOKE!!! I mean Beck and Jade have absolutly nothing in common. So I have been waiting for the day they would finally break up (spoiler alert) Now this isn't the worst there are still some weaker and terrible episode of Victorious but this one rather had no point in it. I wasn't that funny either. The best part of the whole episode would have to be when Beck and Jade broke up. FINNALY!!!!!!!!! Well as for the subplot wasn't that good either but I laughed at the end when Tori said'' GAMMIT!!!" When the new pair phone came out and she already got another one. That part was also predicable. Now the part when Cat skipped 3 when she was counting was pretty funny, but those are pretty much the only times I laughed so overall a good enough episode of Victorious. 7/10.
  • The Worst Couple

    Another hilarious episode of Victorious, a show that is having a quality third season. The game show was genius, the commentary on kids obsessed with phones, and then of course the show testing the waters of an emotional breakup at the end, just a well-written episode throughout. Even Cat had a lot of good lines including, "Oh, is this a closet party?"

    Well done.
  • Would have been 7.5 if not for the good plot

    This episode was good, it wasn't the best but it was definitely not the worst. I gave an 8 because the plot was very interesting and it was funny at times. We all knew this was going to happen but we didn't know how and I think that was a great reason for them to break up, not just the simple way.

  • This was inevitable

    We all knew this was coming, whether we wanted to admit it or not.

    Ever since the first episode, I constantly asked myself: how are Beck and Jade a couple? Beck is friendly, soft-spoken, and trusting. Jade is dark, possessive, and vicious. Beck was always good at tempering her worst qualities, and after all this time, was willing to put up with her. Jade's constant state of jealousy did nothing to help the already shaky nature of this pairing. She did not appreciate how lucky she was to have him, and in the end it cost her big time.

    Normally, I would be very sad to see a relationship end on a show I love to watch, but this time, I didn't. I'm surprised it didn't end sooner. Beck finally reached his breaking point, and when he didn't answer her 10-count, she walked away. She knew it was over.

    I feel the need to bring up the wild card in all of this: Tori. She has been at many times the source of tension - usually unwillingly - between the couple, due in no small part to Jade's jealous nature and Beck's desire to be friends with Tori, who like Beck, has demonstrated an extraordinary amount of patience with Jade. Tori has often been the target of Jade's foul attitude, which would often draw a negative reaction from Beck. Ironically, Tori is the one Jade ran to when she dumped Beck in Season 1, yet Tori's intervention didn't do anything to cool Jade's attitude towards her.

    What effect the break-up will have on the dynamic between Tori and Jade is open for debate, especially when you look at the episodes "Tori Gets Stuck," "Prom Wrecker," and "Who Did It to Trina." Beck was not present in those episodes, and Jade's behavior was at her worst. Will she finally learn to appreciate Tori and start treating her like a real friend, or will she drive her away even further?

    The question is, what happens now? For the first time, I look to new episodes with a higher sense of anticipation. I'm not expecting Trina to wind up with Beck, but there are more possibilities now. Could Tori and Beck become a couple? Andre and Jade? Who knows?
  • Valentine's Day Review #4

    Beck and Jade help Sinjin with a couples' game show by getting the gang to compete on it. Andre, Cat, Robbie, Tori, Beck, and Jade are coupled off into heart shaped couches; the pairs are Andre and Cat, Robbie and Tori, and Beck and Jade. As much as I love "Victorious", this episode was just very disappointing and it really wasn't that good. It's NOT terrible because there are far more weaker and worse episodes than this one but this episode just wasn't getting anywhere and I really didn't laugh a lot. I am glad that Beck and Jade are FINALLY over with each other. Like seriously, I'm not kidding but those two really are "The Worst Couple" (the title of the episode was right). Sorry people but they just aren't meant to be a couple so I'm not sad at all that they broke up. Although, I was a little surprised that Beck wouldn't open the door after Jade counted to 10. So yeah, the storyline to this episode was just alright but wasn't executed well enough. I also thought Robbie was getting annoying in this episode trying to make it look like that him and Tori are a couple. Cat (as much as I love her) was annoying me a little in this episode and it really pains me to say that since she is like my favorite character. Not too many laughs but if I had to pick one part that did make me laugh hard... it would have to be the part when Lane walked in the janitor's closet then saw Cat on the floor then saw the janitor holding a rope then said "Oh Luther, Why?" (that part was drop dead hilarious and unexpected). Also, I hated the very ending of the episode with everyone having the phone that Tori wanted to wait for because it was dumb and it was too predictable. So yeah, I only laughed mildly like 3 times plus I laughed hard at one part, the storyline was not that bad but it's not that good either and it wasn't executed well. All in all, this was an okay episode of "Victorious".... probably not an episode worth watching over and over again but it's worth watching again when there's nothing good to watch on television. 6/10