Season 4 Episode 4

Three Girls and a Moose

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Oct 20, 2012 on Nickelodeon

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  • Three Girls and a Moose

    A little bit of a letdown as the story here was weak and there was no real ending. Still had some funny moments, the show almost always will make you laugh, even when the premise seems dumb.

    Not really a fan of LA Boyz, but I'm sure I'll listen to it some time in the future, that's usually the case with these songs. Not one of the best episodes ever, but certainly good for a few chuckles.
  • Nice/Decent

    Like the title says. Kinda cliched episode, but still entertaining. I kinda thought Jade and Beck might work som'n out. When he told everyone about his friend Moose or som'n like that(wow, lol, it's happened on Disney), Jade said som'n along the lines of "Really not interested" or som'n like that. it REALLY irritated me! UGH! Sorry. Lol. Tori and Cat's/Victoria and Ariana's musical number was good. I thought about what if it was called "AL Boys" (as in Alabama, where I'm from,lol,just sayin). Jade's purple streaks. Wow. There were other things I thought about as well. Andre was funny as (if a lil' over the top).