Season 2 Episode 4

Tori Gets Stuck

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM May 14, 2011 on Nickelodeon

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  • Worst "Victorious" episode of Season 2 so far

    I thought that this was a bad episode of "Victorious" and it was absolutely the worst "Victorious" episode of Season 2 so far. This episode was nowhere near as good as the previous "Victorious" episode "Ice Cream For Ke$ha". There is one person who made me hate this episode so much and that person is Jade. Ugh... after what Jade did to poor Tori, I just want to punch her in the face so bad". She was much much worse than she was "Beck Falls For Tori"... much worse. Jade did all that stuff to poor Tori just because she wants the Steamboat Suzie role in the school play... that episode just really how cold and careless that Jade was and I hated her so much. Trina was also getting on my nerves in this face when she wanted to cough perfectly for her school play role and she coughs exactly like the man who has ammonia or something like that and he actually becomes sick. Poor Tori has to donate 3 pints of blood just for Robbie... one of them was because Jade on purposely misplaced Tori's blood in the hospital and the other was Robbie accidentally dropping Tori's blood (although that part was very funny). Also, Tori was acting dizzy and loopy at the school play and Jade just stands while her other friends are up there. I'm happy that Sikowitz didn't let Jade have Tori's Steamboat role because Jade didn't deserve it at all for what she did to poor Tori. The only parts in this episode I found funny was when Robbie actually a car stuck in his butt for 10 years, Robbie accidentally dropping Tori's blood, and Sikowitz having Tori's Steamboat Suzie role and he is dressed up a girl (that was definitely the highlight of this episode). Overall, despite a few parts I found funny, this was just a bad episode of "Victorious" and I don't ever want a "Victorious" episode like this again. 3.5/10
  • I know people like tigerdude22 are probably going to disagree with me but in my opinon this is the 3rd best victorious episode!

    IMO! this is a truly hilarious episode! it was so funny and i liked robbie in this episode! he had great humor and he was enjoyable. i will admit Jade (A.KA. Elizabeth Gillies) was very mean but she didnt ruin the episode for me. my favorite part was tori's second time doing the play where she said men always La La La La La La La La. LOL! i also liked that they replaced her with a man again LOL! another funny part was when robbie dropped the blood on the floor. Grade 11/10 A+++
  • A great example of what this show is all about!

    In this episode, Tori gets the role of Steam Boat Suzy in the school play. Jade, gets understudy, and so all throughout the episode she tries to get rid of Tori in order to take the lead role. When Robbie suddenly needs surgery to get a toy car out of his stomach, Jade has her chance of getting rid of Tori once and for all. Tori is the only one with Robbie's bloodtype, so she has to donate blood- thanks to Jade- pint after pint (first one is lost, and the second one Robbie drops by accident).

    My favorite part had to be when Robbie holds Tori's blood up the light and then drops it by accident, spraying himself in her blood. It sounds gross, but it's so unexpected that it's hilarious!

    The ending is a pleasant turn of events, of the cross-dressing kind.
  • good

    Tori offers to give Robbie blood for a surgery he needs, but she needs to be back at Hollywood Arts in time for a play she happens to be the lead of. But things go bad when she ends up giving three pints of blood because the first time, the nurse lost it (Jade put it somewhere on purpose because she is Tori's understudy for the play, so if Tori can't make it Jade is the lead), and Robbie drops it the second time.

    Good episode, but I don't know if i believe Tori would have made it back. Giving three pints of blood, the LAST thing you'd want to do is a play, you'd want to sit and relax, so I don't know if I believe that Tori would have been released from the hospital, make it back in time for the play, and been able to perform some of it. Wouldn't people have noticed she was acting weird because of how much blood she gave? Final grade- C+ or so.
  • Wow, i enjoyed this episode....

    I am shocked at reading some of the other reviews for this episode.

    This was one of my favorites from the season so far besides Beck Falls For Tori & Ice Cream For Ke$ha,

    Jade is honestly what makes this show interesting...Without Jade's character, you have just a bunch of annoying characters.

    Jade is my favorite and I love how they are making her more evil this season. Last season she was just a snarky mean girl but this season, it seems as if she is a legit word that rhymes with witch and I LOVE IT!

    Robbie/Tori-I actually never really liked robbie or rex from season 1. He annoys me and rex annoys me...But this season, both have been great. Tori is less annoying this season as well. It was funny when he dropped the bag of blood on them(and gross)

    Trina--My 2nd favorite character. It's ashame they don't showcase her as much as they do the other characters. Even Sinjin seems to get more time the Trina sometmes. Overall, a funny episode and I laughed quite a bit
  • 204

    "Tori Gets Stuck" was not exactly a very funny episode of Victorious. Not only did you have Cat being annoying, but the whole Trina thing tonight was downright horrible. I am fine with the idea of her being the proverbial punching bag on the show for the cast to make jokes about, but they have just jumped the shark with her too many times. The A storyline with Tori and Jade was not great either. I lol'd when the blood bag was dropped by Robbie, but this was just a little too over the top as well. I would have rather they just focused more on the play Steamboat Suzy than the fighting between Tori and Jade.
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