Season 3 Episode 11

Tori Goes Platinum - Part 1

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM May 19, 2012 on Nickelodeon

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  • Love it !!

    Amazing ! <3
  • Victorious

    How do you watch the episode
  • A really great episode and one of my favorite episode of Victorious period!!

    I really loved this episode of Victorious!1 This episode had me cracking up so that I was applauing at the end of it. Well anyway, Tori beats out all the other students to perform at the Platinum Awards show, but the fame changes Tori into someone she's not. Wow, ok this episode had TONS of laughs. Probably my favorite plot would be Cat's bibble accidtion. Well as for the main plot it was just pretty good and I really didn't find it that funny but it was still pretty sweet to watch. Beck and Tori almost kissing was touching and Jade giving up her chance to be in the plantmuin Music Awards was touching as well. Trina soaking her face in Mayonaise and Musturd was hilarious!! My favorite part would have to be the very ending with Cat and Oliver eating bibble. Overall one of my favorite Season 3 episodes. 10/10.
  • A really good episode

    I liked this one.

    It wasn't as stupid as the last ones and sometimes quite deep.

    So, Tori is chosen to perform at the Platinum Awards and has to change her image and outfit because of that.

    She doesn't like that, Beck tells her to stop that and because of that, Jade is chosen instead.

    But in the last minute, Jade has second thoughts about that and Tori can perform.

    I didn't like the song very much but well...

    I liked how the relationships between Tori, Jade and Beck were treated in this episode.

    There is definitely something between Tori and Beck but Tori don't want to kiss Jades ex-boyfriend because they are kinda friends.

    I really liked those scenes because they were authentic.

    When Beck and Jade broke up, I wanted them to be together again but now I think that Beck and Tori would also be okay.

    And: guest star Charles Shaughnessy!! I loved him in "The Nanny" and he was funny here, too.

    I didn't even notice that this lasted one hour and I think that's pretty good because other TV-specials (Victorious, Icarly, Zoey 101) are sometimes too long or too stupid because they have to many stories and the characters are over-acting more often than in normal episodes.

    In this one, it wasn't like that.

    So, I'm really happy with this episode (especially after I started disliking this show in the last episodes).
  • Tori is asked to perform at the Platinum Music Awards but she must be a complete diva for people to enjoy her music

    Tori beats out all the other students to perform at the Platinum Awards show, but the fame changes Tori into someone she's not. I thought that this was an excellent episode of "Victorious". It's got good character development and how Tori/Jade friendship is starting to grow. My only nit-picks about this one would have to be Andre and Robbie ditching Tori to go see Jade rehearse, Jade almost going to steal Tori's spot, and maybe one more thing that rarely bugs me. When I say nit-picks, it means that I don't take away points because it only bugs me a tiny little. But yeah, I really loved this 1-hour TV movie of "Victorious". While I still love the 1-hour TV movie "Freak The Freak Out" the most, this is a fantastic TV movie right next to that one. There also some funny moments in this episode such as Cat's obsession with the bibbles, Cat and Owen (I believe that's the name) eating the bibbles at the very end of the episode and them telling each other to not mention a word to anyone about it and then Owen says "It's so good" (I cracked up at that part), the stuffed animal dog that rolls around and laughs like a creepy weirdo (that was a freaky yet hilarious laugh), and some more. Charles Shaughnessy (who had the role of Mr. Sheffield in the sitcom "The Nanny") also guest starred in this 1 hour TV movie and I thought that he did a terrific job, good to see him again. Also, that girl (who recently guest starred in the "Jessie" episode called "Evil Times Two") guest starred in this episode as well but I really don't care about her though. The highlight of this 1 hour TV Movie was definitely when the paparazzi thought that Sikowitz is the voice of Plankton in my favorite cartoon "SpongeBob SquarePants" and how Sikowitz decides to take the credit by saying Plankton's line "Karen, I need a plan to the krabby patty formula"... knowing that it was mentioned because I love SpongeBob really had me laughing. I also thought it was very sweet how Tori rejected kissing Beck because she didn't want to hurt Jade even though they really aren't considered friends (at least that's what they said) but it's nice how she didn't want to break the "kissing your friend's ex-boyfriend" rule even though you can tell she really wanted to kiss Beck. Jade also giving Tori back her spot by singing at the Platinum Music Awards was very nice of her and made me gain more respect for her. I hope, at this point, Tori and Jade are really considered friends. I also loved Tori performing her song "Make It In America" at the Platinum Music Awards at the ending of the 1 hour TV movie and she did a terrific job singing that song... that song is still stuck in my head haha. The storyline to this 1 hour entertainment was nice, its got a pretty good message about not turning to someone you're not, some good character development, some good humor, and a very excellent guest star. Overall, this was a perfect 1 hour TV movie of "Victorious"... I say it's worth your time, this is another reason why this show is better than "iCarly" but that's just my opinion. 10/10