Season 1 Episode 6

Tori the Zombie

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM May 07, 2010 on Nickelodeon

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  • my 2nd least favorite of the series, but still an okay episode.

    I thought that this episode did need improvement here and there seeing that some parts were rather boring but this was still an okay episode. the part that saved me from giving this episode a bad score however was the part when Trina and Cat stopped for ice cream on the way to tori's play that part made me LOL! that had to be one of my favorite moments in victorious. Overall my 2nd least favorite victorious episode but still average GRADE: 6.7/10 C-
  • Mmmmm, this episode was great and all BUT I don't think it's the best "Victorious" episode I've seen


    This is a great episode of "Victorious". Not really that bad of an episode. I don't know if I like this episode because I love "Victorious" or maybe it's because I don't find this episode to be that bad. I really don't see why it low scores. Sure, it wasn't perfect but I don't think this episode deserves negative scores. Oh well, everyone has their own opinions. Cat giving a zombie make-up for Tori in order to pass her make-up class was cool. Tori as a zombie was actually very impressive. The downside to this episode was how Trina and Cat were taking their time to get to Tori's play but it was a little funny when they both bought ice cream. The other downside was that one adult humor which was when Trina told Cat "Sing the next line", Cat then says "I can't", then Trina says "Why not?", and then Cat responds "It's dirty". It's bad enough that I have to hear adult humor from "iCarly" but not from this show. At least this show doesn't have as much adult humor as "iCarly" does which is the main reason why I love this show more. I guess that one adult humor isn't too bad, it could have been worse. The other thing was that some parts seemed to be dragged just a little. Anyways, I laughed when those girl scouts screamed and ran away after they Tori in a zombie make-up. Cat using the super glue or something like that to make Tori's zombie make-up stuck to her face was also funny. I also laughed at Sinjin's random disco dancing in the beginning and the end of the episode. The song at the play was also very enjoyable and good. Trina and Cat getting the zombie make-up off of Tori was also awesome. Overall, this episode does have a few flaws but I think it's a great episode for the most part. 8/10

  • 106

    An amazing episode of Victorious and probably will go down as one of my favorites of the entire series. Victorious is one of the best teen comedies I've ever seen (and believe me, I've seen a lot). It actually trumphs iCarly in so many ways, even though they are both great shows. Dan Schneider is just amazing in general, and I commend him for the hard work he puts in to both shows. Where do I begin with this episode, really?

    First of all, all the character interactions were absolutely flawless. From Trina & Cat singing or eating ice cream in the car on the way to get the solvent to Beck & Tori's great chemistry on stage, it was just perfect. I found myself laughing all the way throughout the entire episode. The laugh ratio was definitely high tonight, and we really got a great ensemble here.

    People who don't like this show after just watching 5 minutes of an episode need to give this show a chance, because if they don't, they're really missing out on a lot. Granted, Victorious can have a mediocre episode once in a while, but when you're getting episodes like this, who really cares? This is an amazing show, good job Victorious!
  • 106

    "Tori the Zombie" was the episode tonight and while there were definitely some enjoyable parts, this was probably the worst installment of the series so far.

    The humor tonight was about as childish as it gets and I really was embarrassed to be watching for the first time. Victorious has always been funny, despite the fact that I'm 7 years older than the target audience, but I really did not laugh much tonight.

    The premise seemed a bit too Saved by the Bell for my liking.

    And the ending was about as predictable as they come. We knew the author was going to love "their take" on the play with Tori being ugly, and then being pretty once she found out the man wasn't after her for her appearance.

    I also hope this is the end of the random outbursts of disco.
  • Eh

    Tori lets Cat use some makeup on her to make her look like a zombie. But due to a mistake the stuff will not come off. Uh-oh, especially since Tori is in a play... she sends Trina and Cat to get stuff that will make it come off, but will they make it back in time?

    A below-good episode I thought. It was OK I guess but it wasn't that funny or anything, at least I did not think so. My overall grade for this would be a D- or so. Not great, but it is watchable for the most part
  • A facew only a mother would love!

    I like to see Tori as a very beautiful singer and dancer, but in Tori the Zombie, her face was cover with a zombie mask ands it became stuck with super glue. Sher had to perform in front of a crowd, which include the auther who wrote this play. As Trina and Cat make their way bto a factory to pick up a solvent, Tori had to perform in front of a audience and the auther in that zombie mask. I like the episode enough to give it an 8. I think Victoria Justice pull out another greaqt performance in from of a audience. Justice did justice to this episode.
  • Cat accidentally uses superglue on Tori's zombie makeup, and she has to do the lead role on a play.

    So Cat needs to practise doing monster maks with makeup for some reaosn I didn0't get (hey, it's Cat, she's unpredictable), and Tori volunteers to get a zombie mask. But Cat accidentally uses insutrial glue on it and she cna't get it off, and needs to star on a play that night.

    So Cat & Trina go to get the solvent that removes it to the factory, but stop for icecream and get pulled over by the cops (& sing and awesome rap song). Finally they get there in time (well, in the middle of a song) and take the zombie off. Then at the end of tghe play, the reviewer girl said she understood the message of inside beauty, and everyone goes along with it.

    OVerall: PRetty good episode, pretty much cause we got a lot of Cat. Also, the rap thety sung on the car was hilarious. 9/10.
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