Season 4 Episode 1

Wanko's Warehouse

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Sep 22, 2012 on Nickelodeon



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    • Jade: Robbie?! Answer me! Answer me! I'm so hungry! Robbie!
      Tori: Oh, he likes it when we say "Base to Shapiro".
      Jade: Oh, I care what he likes... why don't you answer me!
      Andre: Oww, you turned it off. You've been talking into an offie-talkie!
      Jade: Somebody just get me a SANDWICH!

    • Bobby Triplet: Why are you sad...
      Barney Triplet: Nerd?
      Robbie: Well, is just my friends made fun of my walkie-talkie.
      Bobby Triplet: Hurt your feelings, didn't they?
      Robbie: Yeah, they kinda did.
      Bobby Triplet: Ah, you can't help it you got yourself all excited about your little walkie-talkie toy.
      Robbie: Yeah, I was born this way!
      Bobby Triplet: I think somebody needs a twin hug.
      Barney Triplet: Come on.

    • Beck: Robbie? Robbie? Still no answer.
      Cat: Uhh! Hey!
      Jade: What?!
      Cat: I haven't said anything for a while.

    • Andre: Those beams, those laser beams! Ahh! It's like a cage! Agh, can't take it! I can't take it! I can't take it! Can't take it!
      Jade: Hey, just checking. Can you take it?
      Andre: No! Man, how long have we been sitting here like this?
      Beck: Twelve minutes.
      Andre: Aw, I can't handle being trapped like this, we are like animals.
      Cat: Oooh, can I be a hippopotamousse?
      Beck: A what?
      Cat: It's french, for hippopotamus.

    • Tori: Our plan can still work. We hang out in this aisle. You know, just talk and... admire these vacuum cleaners. And then when the store opens in the moring we'll be the first ones here for the big sale.
      Cat: One time my brother found a vacuum cleaner in our church's basement. He took it home and now he keeps it in his room.
      Trina: You should call the church and tell 'em he has it.
      Cat: Ooohhh, they wouldn't want it back.

    • Andre: Cat, no!
      Trina: What are you doing?!
      Cat: I wanted to lick the laser beam with my tongue.
      Tori: Why?
      Cat: Huh, well...
      Tori: You wanna know what flavor it is, don't you?

    • Andre: Man, the line is already long. Nobody knows how is it gonna be tomorrow morning.
      Tori: And they'd already sold all the good stuff by the time we'd get to the store!
      Beck: Ok, relax.
      Tori: No! I'm all excited to get any percent off a unitard!
      Cat: Dude... not cool.
      Trina: Let's just all agree, Tori has ruined our night.

    • Andre: Hey, what are we talking about?
      Tori: Trina was just telling me...
      Trina: Shhh! (slaps Tori in the face) It's a secret!
      Tori: Oww! Why are you wearing so many rings?!
      Andre: Come on, what's the secret?
      Tori: Can't we just tell him?
      Trina: Nooo! The more people that know the more crowded it'll be.
      Jade: Hey, what is this, a meeting?
      Cat: That's what my brother calls it when he and his friends hang together and eat meat.
      Tori: What?
      Cat: A meat-in. Get it? Haha, he is a disaster.

    • Sinjin: Hey, Tori.
      Tori: Hi, Sinjin.
      Sinjin: Guess what I did last night?
      Tori: Ok, mmm... give me a hint.
      Sinjin: (kickes her in the hip) I took a karate class!
      Tori: Thanks for the hint. (sore, on the floor) You help me up?
      Sinjin: Not today.

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