Season 2 Episode 9

Who Did It to Trina?

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Sep 17, 2011 on Nickelodeon

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    Another clever episode of Victorious here tonight a show that continues to hit its creative stride in the second season.

    A nice mystery, and I will admit when the end result was revealed they had me fooled. I can't help but think that maybe it set a bad example for kids watching this though as he did get away with it in a sense.

    Clever concept, some amusing dialogue, definitely worthy of a 7/10 from me and a watch from everybody else.

  • great


    This episode was pretty good, i thought. I am generally a fan of mystery-styled episodes of tv shows and i generally thought this was a fun episode. the main thing i did not like was that plots like this have in a way, been done countless times. i mean, it was a good plot, to have someone purposefully have Trina get hurt, but scenes like Tori telling her story, and having Jade look/sound like a monster in her version of what happened... things like this have been done before on a lot of different tv shows. The person telling the story and having their 'rival' in it, and trying to make themselves look all innocent and having their rivals look pathetic/creepy/dumb. Things like that have been done a lot and it happened at least twice in this episode- Tori, in Jade's version, asking why can't she be as pretty as Jade, and then Jade being a monster in Tori's. The premise of the episode as a whole was pretty fun, and i liked the revelation at the end that it was Rex, but the scenes with each characters' versions of the story is something that has been done on tv shows to death. B- or so as a final grade.

  • It was good/decent but definitely doesn't beat last week's installment "Helen Back Again".


    Eh, this was a good/decent episode of "Victorious". I did like this installment tonight but it's definitely not as good as last week's new episode "Helen Back Again". Well, a mystery episode sometimes works for a television show but it didn't really work for this episode. I just felt like this episode fell a little flat. There were some things I disliked about this episode that made me NOT LOVE it and just like it. First of all, Jade really needs to stop doing that stupid voice of Tori. It irritates me so much and I want to smack Jade so bad. Tori is right, she doesn't talk like that... in face, not even close to talking like that. Stop freakin' doing that stupid Tori voice Jade, it's not funny so stop. Andre even got really annoying in this episode. I really wanted to push the "off" button on Andre. All he could focus on throughout this episode was that girl. The scene where he is smooth talking the girl on his phone and Lane standing there really got on my nerves. I think this is the first time that I actually annoying. He better not be this annoying ever again. Even the made-up point of view on how Trina got injured was pointless. I didn't that much but I did laugh at Cat since she is so freakin' cute and funny. It was hilarious when Cat was talking about the Drake and Josh episode "I Love Sushi". I love how that was mentioned and I got a good laugh on that part. Trina doing the alien voices is funny. It was also funny when Trina got injured at the play... that was drop dead hilarious to me. The other thing I really liked about this episode was how Nathan Kress (Freddie Benson in "iCarly) was in the audience at the play Tori is directing. The thing that kinda ruined this episode was the fact that Rex is the one who made Trina injured at the play... mainly because it was predictable. Overall, I like this episode but not the best Season 2 episode that I have ever seen. 7/10