Season 1 Episode 9

Wi-Fi in the Sky

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Aug 27, 2010 on Nickelodeon

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  • My 2nd favorite victorious episode!

    This episode was just plain awesome! it was my 2nd favorite of the series, 1st being Robarazzi. my favorite part was when robbie created that fake girl name that just made me LOL For at least 5 hours! i also liked that little moment when Andre Cat and Beck played with special effects that just was plain hilarious!. i also liked the 2 parts when Trina wiggled her butt in their faces that was also plain funny! there were more funny parts, but that is all i have to say about my 2nd favorite victorious episode GRADE: 11/10 A++++
  • Fly the unfriendly skies.

    Tori and Triena are on a plane flying home from somewhere. (They never mention where they came from) but they're on a plane, Tori is chatting on her computer with Andre, Catt and Beck over a class project that they had to turn in the following day. They must write a script. While they're doing that, Trina is having trouble with a kid behind her who is kicking her seat. Yes somwhere in this episode, Perez Hilton makes a camero. I lkike this episode because anything bad can happen on a plane. I like the chaos that eurpted on that plane.
  • Somewhat weak but the amount of laughs that were in this episode made me give this episode a perfect score

    I thought that this was an excellent episode of "Victorious". Although, the plot to this episode was somewhat weak but the amount of laughs that I got in this episode made me give this a perfect score so the humor saved my score. I would've probably rated this an 8.5 or a 9 if it weren't for so many laughs I got this episode. The kid kicking Trina's seat was very funny. The joke about Trina's armpit was very funny but kinda weird. Robbie trying to video chat with Tori, Beck, Andre, and Cat was hilarious. It was hilarious when Robbie changed his username to a girl's name so he can chat with the gang. Cat's randomness in this episode was very adorable and funny. That cheesy "shellfish" joke that Cat made was cheesy but cute because you can't go wrong with Cat for being cute. Sinjin being in Jade's room was absolutely hilarious and I would mark it as the highlight of this episode. Andre, Beck, and Cat playing with the special effects was very funny. Jade being jealous of Beck because he said that he is taking care of a puppy for a cheerleader but it turns out that the cheerleader was like 12 years old was very funny as well. The ending was funny as well. Overall, the plot to this episode was somewhat weak but the humor in this episode is what really made me give this episode a perfect score. 10/10
  • great

    What I liked: Andre's grandmother going insane and breaking his computer, Robbie trying to video chat with Tori, Cat, Andre and Beck, Jade finding out the owner of the dog beck was babysitting was a little girl, Sinjin being in Jade's room, Robbie making a fake screen name and having a girl's first name, amongst other things.

    A lot of humor in this episode. The plot is not the best thing in the world but the episode did succeed at making me laugh a lot, so kudos to that. Not one of my favorites of the show but it was pretty decent and it does get a solid B as a grade from me
  • 109

    We need more Victorious episodes. This show premiered in March, and only the ninth episode had aired by the end of August. That is about one episode every month.

    This episode started off strongly, but it got really bad toward the end. The part with the fight between Trina and Perez Hilton made me embarrassed to be a part of the viewership of this show.

    It was funny in the beginning, but like I said, as soon as they started doing the animations during the video chat, they lost me. Victoria Justice is a true star on this show, it is a great cast actually, except for Cat, and she was on this show too much for me to ignore her.
  • 109

    The idea and format of the episode was really great. Spending the entire episode on an airplane chatting via webcam was just so original and different. Definitely not seen on other shows that Dan has produced. We really got to see most of the certain quirks from almost all the characters (Jade being a jealous girlfriend, Trina being Trina, Robbie and his puppet, and of course, Cat being a freak).

    The Perez Hilton scene really brought down my rating for the episode though. The only thing I got from that scene was that I noticed he lost weight but that's about it, and I found myself rolling my eyes at times. The thing that helped the episode would definitely be not seeing those annoying status updates in every other scene. Those transitions definitley need to be cut out.

    So a great concept and an albeit surprising ending with Beck's neighbor cheerleader being a nine year old, but kind of got annoying at times. Still entertaining though.