Season 1 Episode 9

Wi-Fi in the Sky

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Aug 27, 2010 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • Jade kicks Beck's door, and then opens it outwards. This shouldn't have worked as kicking a door in only works if the hinges open in the same direction as the kick

    • It was never mentioned where Tori and Trina were flying from.

    • If you look at the screen name list while Tori, Beck, Andre etc. are chatting. You see 'rexandthecity' which is likely Rex's screen name.

    • After Beck starts spinning his video chat window, Cat asks, "What effect is that?" He replies, "Spin clockwise." Neither bit of dialog is in sync with their mouth movements.

  • Quotes

    • Andre: You live next door to a cheerleader?
      Beck: I do.
      Andre: Figures. I live next door to a one-legged old man who throws lemons at me.

    • (after Trina tries to grab a boy seated behind her who keeps kicking her seat)
      Tori: Trina! He's a little boy.
      Trina: Yeah, and I'm about to put him into a little hospital!

    • Sinjin: Are you on a plane?
      Tori: Yeah, I'm on a plane.
      Sinjin: And they have wifi?
      Tori: No, Sinjin. I have the world's longest internet cable hanging out the window.
      Sinjin: Nuh-uh. Airplane windows don't open.

    • Tori: Whatever happened to getting famous by having some talent?
      Trina: Talent has nothing to do with being famous.

    • (Andre's Grandma screams)
      Tori: What was that?
      Andre: That was my Grandma. I think she saw herself in the mirror.
      Grandma: (off screen) Andre! There's another me in here!
      Andre: Just introduce yourself. I'm sure she's nice.

    • Cat: (to Tori, Beck and Andre on the webcam) Hey you guys, do you want to hear a cute joke?
      Andre: A joke?
      Cat: Yeah, listen. Okay, what does the young shrimp say when his mom asked him why he wouldn't share any of his toys?
      Tori: What?
      Cat: Sorry, I'm a little shellfish.
      (Cat starts laughing except for Tori, Beck and Andre who all blankly stared at her)
      Cat: Get it? 'Cause shrimp are very self-centered.
      Tori: I think the joke that shellfish sounds like selfish.
      Cat: Oh my gosh, that's even funnier.
      (starts to laugh again)

    • (someone knocks on Beck's door)
      Andre: What's that noise?
      Jade(outside Beck's door) Open the door!
      Tori: Is that Jade?
      Beck: Yeah. (to Jade) I'm busy working on a project!
      Jade: I need to talk to you!
      Beck: Sorry, door's locked!
      (Jade kicks in the door)
      Beck: Now it's not locked!
      Tori: She has a key?
      Beck: No, she has a foot.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • "Rex and the city" , Rex's screen name for the video chat; is an obvious reference to the hit show, 'Sex and the city.'

    • The plane is piloted by Captain Stubbing. That's the same name as the Captain on the tv series "The Love Boat".