Season 1 Episode 17

Wok Star

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jan 17, 2011 on Nickelodeon

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  • Another well done episode.

    This episode was pretty much a 180 from the last, and instead of Andre focused on Jade. It started with Jade just acting like her normal self, snide, sarcastic, bitter. But then midway through the episode we discover a new part of her, we learn more about the reason why she is the way she is, and I think it's wonderful that Dan did that, showing her father issues, showing her motivation for putting on a perfect play and the exchange at the end, perfect. Nothing cute or funny but 100% realistic. There were funny parts in this episode, like Robbie's male makeup and Trina the celebrity, the only reason I'm really deducting two points is because the Chinese restaurant owner got on my nerves, she was funny in the beginning, but as the episode went on it just got really old. Still a great episode and great progression for this show.
  • Wok Star

    17 episodes into the show and Victorious has not gotten stale at all, actually, the show is still finding its voice, but delivering quality episodes along the way.

    Victoria Justice is really improving on her acting, and that is good to see as a show needs a strong lead actress to survive for a long time. Tori was hilarious here, and hopefully she can entertain us for many years to come.

    The Jade character is also almost always good, and this episode, which revolved around her, complemented her personality well. Loved the painfully realistic exchange between Jade and her father too.

    Good episode on this Memorial Day.
  • 117

    Not as good as the previous episode but still good, we got great interactions between Tori & Jade, and we got some hilarious moments as well. I loved how they incorporated Trina in to the story line with her having to pretend to be a celebrity. The Chinese lady was actually very funny, and I really liked how she only cared about the picture when Trina was faking a heart attack.

    You can't help but feel bad for Jade here though, with her father. It really can help you understand her character more and why she is the way she is. The play was also great to watch too, overall, not as good as the last episode, but definitely still a good offering from this show.
  • Andre: Wow, Cat used her brain for once. Cat: I'm sorry.

    Soooo, the school wont' fund Jade's play "Best Wishes" and she is maaaaaaaaad. Tori accidentally volunteers to help her, and finds that am asian waitreess who liked taking pictures with famous people wants to fund it.

    Buuut, the asian lady had some intersintgv sucky things she wanted to add, like songs at times they don't fit AT ALL and her annoying daughter. Jade then wanted to cancel the deal, and Tori told her Exceutive Meddling is unavoideable, but Jade then tell her how this play was her way of showing her dad that wanting an arts career isn't wasting your life.

    So at poker night, Cat suggests that they should make the asian lady miss the debut and let Jade's dad watch her version, and then the following ones to be the asian lady's way. So then make Trina dress up as a celebrity and keep the lady from leavign so she can take a pic with er. The plan almost fails but the lady gets there after the play ends and didn't find out (kinda, as the annotying daughter may spoil it).

    Overall: It was a spectacular epiosde, kinda like the Dale Squires ep, but ihis one had no annoying subplot. Best was Cat (using her brains, the lottery gag, her anecdote), Trina as "Jackie Bonei", Jade cutting the trash can (and it falling into pieces later in the ep) & that really sweet Tori/Jade hug, which made me go "d'awww". So yeah, a solid 10/10.
  • perfect

    Jade has written a play, and wants the school to produce it, but it is too 'weird'. So she gets Tori to get someone to get money to produce the play. Tori gets the owner of a restaurant to, but the owner keeps making changes to the play, much different than what Jade wants. Will the play go on as planned?

    Good episode. I liked the fortune cookie scenes, and Josh Peck's cameo near the end was pretty good. Also liked seeing Jade's dad. Overall this is one of the better episodes of this series, I'd say, it was pretty funny and had a good plot, and as such I give it an A
  • Not my favorite "Victorious" episode but it was overall great and I thoroughly enjoyed it for the most part


    I thought that this was a great episode of "Victorious". In my book, this episode isn't a "10" like the other users have been giving it but this episode was great in my opinion and give the writers credit for doing that. The fortune cookie scenes in this episode were just plain funny and enjoyable. That restaurant woman named Mrs. Lee showing Tori the celebrities that came to her restaurant was also very funny. I never liked Jade and all that but I did find it interesting that she actually wrote a play. The Tori/Jade interaction in this episode was actually pretty good and not cruel or horrible like most of their interactions usually are. Mrs. Lee agreeing to produce Jade's play sounded good at first but once she wanted to make changes to Jade's play, I just got mad. I didn't like how she is making changes to Jade's play and how she is ruining Jade's dream. Yes, I actually felt a little sorry for Jade in this episode. The good thing about this episode was that Jade isn't cruel in this episode. The other downside to this episode was how it ended. It just didn't like that and found it to be lacking. Despite Mrs. Lee trying to change Jade's play and the ending being a lackluster. The scene with Trina disguising as a celebrity named "Jackie Monay" and Andre disguising as her bodyguard was making me laugh very hard. Probably the funniest part out of this entire episode. I also loved Josh Peck's quick cameo appearance towards the end of the episode and it was also good to see Jade's dad who actually enjoyed Jade's play and it was the first time that Jade saw her dad happy. Overall, a great episode of "Victorious". 8.5/10

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