Season 1 Episode 17

Wok Star

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jan 17, 2011 on Nickelodeon

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  • Andre: Wow, Cat used her brain for once. Cat: I'm sorry.

    Soooo, the school wont' fund Jade's play "Best Wishes" and she is maaaaaaaaad. Tori accidentally volunteers to help her, and finds that am asian waitreess who liked taking pictures with famous people wants to fund it.

    Buuut, the asian lady had some intersintgv sucky things she wanted to add, like songs at times they don't fit AT ALL and her annoying daughter. Jade then wanted to cancel the deal, and Tori told her Exceutive Meddling is unavoideable, but Jade then tell her how this play was her way of showing her dad that wanting an arts career isn't wasting your life.

    So at poker night, Cat suggests that they should make the asian lady miss the debut and let Jade's dad watch her version, and then the following ones to be the asian lady's way. So then make Trina dress up as a celebrity and keep the lady from leavign so she can take a pic with er. The plan almost fails but the lady gets there after the play ends and didn't find out (kinda, as the annotying daughter may spoil it).

    Overall: It was a spectacular epiosde, kinda like the Dale Squires ep, but ihis one had no annoying subplot. Best was Cat (using her brains, the lottery gag, her anecdote), Trina as "Jackie Bonei", Jade cutting the trash can (and it falling into pieces later in the ep) & that really sweet Tori/Jade hug, which made me go "d'awww". So yeah, a solid 10/10.
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