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Video & Arcade Top 10

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This show involves kids who play new video games in competition for prizes. Each player has a studio partner and a home partner. Over the years, players have played racing, adventure, sports and RPG games. They have played on Game Boys, Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, and Sega systems. Prizes range from KFC Gift Certificates to game consoles. In addition, there are movie and music reviews. Each week, a new trivia question is asked and viewers can write in with the answer to win prizes. Viewers can also send in drawings to be posted. This show is one of the few ones left to be taped in a YTV studio.
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  • Great Show

    I don't understand why 'Video & Arcade Top 10' disappeared. It should be still airing, I sometimes think about what would be like if the kids on the show were playing with today's video game systems like the Nintendo Wii U, Playstation 3 etc.
  • Awesome show and I don't think we'll see one like it for some time.

    I loved this show. People playing against each other with your favourite games on your favourite game sytem was cool. The hosts where also funny but that movie segment could of been better. The prizes well, sort of vary. Some where good others where bad. But hey they gave away free games who could argue with that. Now if the show was still running during this video game age (wii,xbox360,ps3)then the show might get even more attention but unfortunately not. Also that letter time was a good commercial bumper and once again your given free games just for being selected. Ah the memories. Now a days we have more terrible game shows that can't compete with the past.moreless
  • Never beat a dead horse. I mean, with quality prizes such as a free trip to the Ontario Science Centre, you can't go wrong.

    Sad. How old is this show? Like, 12 years old? And yet, it's still showing as a time filler. I remember this show in 1993, when they had better games and prizes (and an audience!). This show is like a joke; before each commercial break they show a semi-bird's eye view of the set and there's no audience, and only the host is clapping. Now, the prizes are things like a free trip to the Science Centre, or books. It's like YTV knows this show is a complete waste of time.moreless