Video Girl Ai

(ended 1992)


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  • Season 1
    • Ai, Love, and Sadness
      Ai is missing, and Yota fears he has lost her forever. What is the connection between Ai and the mysterious man that abducted her? What will become of Ai? Yota, willing to risk it all to get Ai back, dives into a realm he never expected: Ai's world. The video realm, where the end of his trial awaits...moreless
    • Lost Ai
      Lost Ai
      Episode 5
      Yota and Ai now have a happy co-existence. Takashi and Moemi are going out. But Takashi points out that Moemi seems more in love with Yota, which shakes her to her core. And then, when things are dark, the unthinkable happens. Ai goes out for an errand and doesn't come back...moreless
    • Confession
      Episode 4
      Moemi finally confesses directly to Takashi, and Yota, in the bushes nearby, witnesses Takashi accept. While Yota and Takashi try to figure out what to do, everything gets confusing with Moemi, who doesn't seem sure anymore of who exactly she loves. And what will Ai, who is getting more and more jealous, do?moreless
    • On the Occasion of Our First Date
      Things just get more mixed up. Yota and Ai go out on a date, during which Ai begins to notice the impossible: she's falling in love with Yota. Yota, however, still loves Moemi. Things get chaotic when Takashi and Moemi enter the scene. And what is going on with Ai's mysterious illness?moreless
    • Present
      Episode 2
      Yota is getting used to living with Ai. But when she suddenly appears at school, he has no clue what to do. On top of that, things are just getting more and more confused between Yota and Moemi. What will happen when she comes to cook dinner for him?
    • I'm here for you
      I'm here for you
      Episode 1
      Yota Moteuchi was just turned down by the girl he has a crush on. What's worse, she chose his best friend over him. On his way home with a heavy heart, Yota stumbles upon a strange video store. Inside, the owner presents him with a video called "Video Girl". But the most incredible thing will happen when he plays the video on his VCR at home.moreless