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Friday 8:00 PM on MTV 2 Premiered Sep 16, 2004 In Season


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  • Video Game characters that sounded like real singers and plays real music.

    Ever since I was a kid I know a lot of kids who plays classic video games like Sonic, Mario Bros, and Pac-Man. Now we're in the 21st Century and video games have been much more advance with the greatest graphics and the kids play the newest hits like Final Fantasy, Fight Night, and Super Smash Bros. Then a few years ago, the MTV2 series "Video Mods" shows a new generation of music videos. It combines video games and music together. People who are into the latest video games and music videos weren't satisfied about this show and thinks it's c**p. The reason why I watch "Video Mods" because to me I think it's like anime because the animation from the video games are made in Japan. And it's funny when the game characters sounds like real singers and they have some weird instruments.
  • what youre guys problem?

    what you guys itching about?This show is freaking kick ass cool.You guys might be a "gamers" But i am a video game writer and I can see the skills it takes to make these video's.Yeah its true that we have some bad songs on it.Hell alittle to much rap and emo for my tast but hell i even get in to video's to songs i dont even like ecause i can see how hard work for these video's. If you knew any thing about CG programing you guys would realize the people who made these video put allot of time on to these video to make the match the songs they play.
  • How far has society crumbled?

    Video Mods makes me cry. It is very sad. CGI animated B-list videogame characters dancing hideously to popular songs. Who thought of this? Oh, I know. Satan. Take it off the air, puh-lease. This is the shortest review I've ever written, but I can't STAND to talk about this dreadful program when I could be having fun. G'bye.
  • The death of video games as we know it!

    Video Mods is one of the dumbiest ideas I have ever seen or heard of. This is by far the lamest show on MTV right now. I'm a gamer and I hate how some game designers think i'll make my game be on Video Mods and have a crappy song play when there a bunch of almost naked girls dancing, that will make gamers buy my game. Any game that is on Video Mods I will not buy. That's how stupid the show is. Gamers don't want big breast and crappy music for game ad's.

    I would like to thank Company's like Double Fine, Naughty Dog, and some others for not going so low.