Video On Trial

Season 4 Episode 15

Episode 4.15

Aired Sunday 6:00 PM Apr 20, 2009 on Much Music
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Episode Summary

Episode 4.15
The videos up for critique this week:

Miley Cyrus - "The Climb"
Asher Roth - "I Love College"
Beyonce - "Halo"
Leona Lewis - "I Will Be"
Enrique Iglesias with Ciara - "Taking Back My Love"

The jurors are: Boomer Phillips (comedian), Sabrina Jalees (comedian), Sara Hennessey (comedian), Trixx (radio personality), and Josh Maltin (actor).moreless

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    • For Enrique Iglesias and Ciara:
      Boomer: Julio Iglesias and I don't even **** know the name of the song.
      Josh: Take back his mole to, it could only help at this point.
      Sabrina: Oh well at least they're doing something a little topical here… (sees couple fighting on screen).
      Sabrina: I'm taking back my love, but I'm starting with this necklace from le chateau, that's the last time I buy 3 for 9.99!
      Sara: I like her sexy angry dancing...
      Sabrina: Is it just me or is Ciara's dancing coming straight from the pornstar myspace icon?
      Sabrina: This fight's just getting ridiculous now – throwing milk! Come on! (As wrestling announcer) Things are getting out of control here at the Wasteful Fight Match, items wasted coming to a loss of $2000 or the amount this song will make.
      Boomer: (About the milk) Fine, it gives me gas and I'm lactose intolerant anyways!

    • For Leona Lewis:
      Sabrina: (Sings) I will be, bracket, the british version of Beyonce. A little less beautiful...
      Sara: What's with those cut off gloves there Leona, cause last time I checked it wasn't the 80s.
      Trixx: If I robbed a bank with my girlfriend, I'm not sticking around to hear her sing… I'm getting the hell out of there.
      Sabrina: The guys just sitting there… well I was hoping this date would end with a f*** but I guess this is okay…
      Boomer: (To Josh) You gotta quit flirting, yeah I used to flex my shoulders like that too, yup, it's not cool, stop flirting!
      Boomer: Why did she eye-f*** the camera at the end. She turns around, she's being arrested… (does face). It's like I looked down like I saw a big c*** on the ground.

    • For Beyonce:
      Sara: Creepy, you're watching him sleep, you know who else does that � psychokillers.
      Trixx: How come no guy is allowed to touch Beyonce in any of her videos?! Does Jay-Z have that much control over her! What kind of marriage is that!
      Sabrina: They're not even kissing and it's better than sex. Look at that, two people with their cheeks touching. You would have to be a heartless asshole to have a problem with this video.
      Josh: Geez, you've been rubbing cheeks for like half an hour � Get it on already!
      Boomer: Is halo code name for anus in this video? ...I've got a wet itchy halo if you want to feel it all over your face.
      Trixx: It looks like they're gonna kiss� nope� he's trying to kiss her but he's just not allowed. What kind of marriage is that!
      Sara: Jay-Z's in the background with a squirt bottle ready to pounce on the guy if they kiss.
      Boomer: I sentence you to go back to being a boy and put a ring on it.

    • For Asher Roth:
      Boomer: OSAP can't get me if I haven't finished school yet.
      Sara: Rise and shine… just going to knock over this dead hooker and try to be Eminem some more.
      Boomer: Community college is shit, it's a f***ing joke, "I got into Geroge Brown", "Of course you got in, you paid the tuition!"
      Sara: This ain't your grandmother's kind of party, oh wait, maybe it is because there is a grandmother there, right there!
      Boomer: I bet you that old lady had more balls in her mouth than any of you in your days at school!
      Trixx: Best part of the video is when they say "do something crazy, do something crazy" and they're drinking milk!?
      Boomer: You know what's crazy, going down on a hooker!

    • For Miley Cyrus:
      Trixx: What struggles does Miley Cyrus have in life?
      Boomer: Wow this video already reeks of Disney...
      Sabrina: Just so you know, the art direction for this video was inspired by the screensavers that you get for free when you buy a computer.
      Sabrina: Alright guys gather around the fire, 'cause in these hard times, what we all need is Miley Cyrus' advice.
      Josh: This is beautiful, she's strumming the guitar and there's no guitar playing. It's a piano you f***in' idiot!
      Boomer: She had to choose this road to play on… what about the 401 at rush hour – yep that's a great spot right there, just in front of that tractor trailer.
      Boomer: I'd be scared shitless if I saw 400 horses coming toward me… [I'd be saying] get the f*** away from me... (still talking about the horses) Who the hell would circumcise a horse – you can wear that skin over your head like a f***in' hat.

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