Video On Trial

Sunday 6:00 PM on Much Music Premiered Aug 15, 2005 In Season





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  • Best show on Much Music

    I love this show, it's like MST3K but with music videos, A lot of the judges are hilarious especially Nikki Payne, and whenever I watch it most of the time I'm not disappointed. The question I ask myself sometimes is "Why don't they show the full episode on their website?"
  • Depends On Judges

    This show used to be my favorite show on much music and on tv over all but it has slipped a lot, back then the show used to be stacked with great judges all the time and always had great videos, now they repeat videos way to much and the best judges are gone or just almost never on, where is ron sparks nikki payne frasier young and other judges that are gone? Maybe teh show just has been on to many years but how can you run out of videos to do? Some videos I have seen on the show like three or four times do some different videos and get rid of some of the new judges that suck by bringing back the great old judges or go on to different new judges until you find good ones again.
  • Great show - music and comedy together at last.

    Video on Trial is MuchMusic's highest rated show and it's no wonder why: it combines two things young adults 18-45 love the most - comedy and music. Who doesn't like a good critique of a star's hilariously overrated music video? With all the up and coming comedians on this show, it almost begins to serve as a launching pad for future comedians. The jurors are either regulars (appearing in at least 15 ep's a season), recurring (appearing in about 5-14 ep's) or guests (appearing 1-4 times ep's). No matter the combination of jurors, you're likely to get a least a few laughs. And if not, there's still the music to enjoy.
  • Video On Trial

    Video On Trial is a great show and definitely the best show Much Music has ever made. It combines watching great (usually great) music videos with funny (usually funny) comments by judges who are mostly comedians from Canada. Ron Sparks, Debra DiGiovanni, Nikki Payne, Trevor Boris, Dave Kerr and others are the best judges on the show. The only reason I don't give it a grade of a perfect ten out of ten is that sometimes they have judges that are just awful and they repeat the same videos and episodes way too much. The non comedian judges usually don't have anything interesting to say but some of the comedian judges are awful and they keep having them back anyway, such as the guy who only yells and a couple girls who are obviously only there because they show off their boobs.
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