Video Village Junior

CBS (ended 1962)


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Video Village Junior

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Video Village Junior was the Saturday morning kiddie version of the popular game show for adults. As in the daytime version, two players (ages 6 to 10), each of them chaperoned by a second (in this case, a parent or other family member), competed to reach the end of a large on-stage game board before his/her opponent did.

The game itself was laid out like a village (hence the name, Video Village Junior), with each player needing to navigate three streets to win.

Each player's partner, in turn, rolled a "Chuck-A-Luck" cage, which contained a large die. After the "town crier" (announcer Williams) called out the roll, the player advanced that many steps. While some spaces went without consequence, there were plenty of spaces on the board which had special rules. Some were good (Advance Three Spaces and $50 Treasure were examples), while others weren't (e.g., Lose-A-Turn and Go to Jail, the latter requiring the player to answer a question to be "bailed out"); others required the player to complete a stunt to win cash (an amount like $50) or a small prize. On occasion, a player landing on an "Ask the Council" space was posed a simple open-ended question. If the "council" (i.e., the audience) liked the answer, the player kept his spot on the board plus won a small cash prize.

Both contestants kept what they won, with all cash converted into a savings bond, which matured on their 18th birthday. And, the player who reached the Finish Line first won a large prize (worth about $1,000).


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