Vientos de Agua

(ended 2006)


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  • Season 1
    • Capitulo 13
      Capitulo 13
      Episode 13
      It is 2005. Andres and Ernesto travel to Asturias (where Andres used to live before leaving Spain). Andres meets old friends, and tries to deal with his issues from the past.
    • Capitulo 12
      Capitulo 12
      Episode 12
    • Capitulo 11
      Capitulo 11
      Episode 11
    • Capitulo 10
      Capitulo 10
      Episode 10
    • Capitulo 9
      Capitulo 9
      Episode 9
    • Capitulo 8
      Capitulo 8
      Episode 8
    • Capitulo 7
      Capitulo 7
      Episode 7
    • Capitulo 6
      Capitulo 6
      Episode 6
      Henar, Andres's girlfriend from Spain, comes to Argentina, and Andres is not happy about it. In Ernesto's house, someone steals all the money he had to pay the passports for his wife, son and daughter.
    • Capitulo 5
      Capitulo 5
      Episode 5
      Ernesto's relationship with his wife is getting worse every minute, and in spite of this, he goes dancing with Mara. In the past, Juliusz tells Andres that he likes Gemma.
    • Capitulo 4
      Capitulo 4
      Episode 4
      Andres and Vidal go to jail. There, Andres meets Clara, a lawyer. In 2002, Ernesto has problems with his wife, and with the citizenship. The economic situation in Argentina is getting worse.
    • Capitulo 3
      Capitulo 3
      Episode 3
      2001. Ernesto is now in Madrid and he is trying to get the Spanish citizenship. He is also looking for a place to rent. He talks with his family but does not tell them the truth. 1934. At the Buenos Aires port, Andres sees the man on Laia's photograph. Juliusz and Andres go to a "conventillo" in La Boca, where they share a room. Some days after, Andres sees Hipolito (who is supposed to be Laia's husband) taking young women in his car. Later, he finds Laia in a brothel. He wants to take her out of there, but finds out that Laia travelled to Buenos Aires in order to work there. Gemma arrives at the "conventillo" and spends New Year's Eve with his friends.moreless
    • Capitulo 2
      Capitulo 2
      Episode 2
      Ernesto chats with his family about the possibility of living is Spain. His wife, Cecilia and his son Tomas seem to be really excited, but his daughter Alicia wants to stay in Argentina because she doesn't want to leave her boyfriend. Ernesto wants to earn some money for the trip, so he starts selling things, and puts the money he makes in the bank. But the economic crisis starts and the bank establishes restrictions to take money from bank accounts. Fortunately, Andres has his savings at his home. But he only has enough money for one ticket, so Ernesto accepts it and travels alone. In 1934, Andres is in a ship traveling to Buenos Aires. There, he meets Juliusz, a 20 year-old Hungarian Jewish man, with who he starts a great friendship. There, he also meets Laia, a Spanish woman who was crying while looking at a photograph. Juliusz and Andres starts looking after a little Italian girl called Gemma, who was traveling under the guidance of one of the ship's workers. Due to a fire in First Class, a group of Nazis has to go to the Third Class' canteen, while the Third Class people has to find room at the kitchen. One of the Nazis humiliates Juliusz, but he doesn't have the courage to respond to that offense. Andres, and later the whole Third Class, defends him.moreless
    • Capitulo 1
      Capitulo 1
      Episode 1
      In the 1934 Asturias, España, Andres Olaya dies while working at a mine. Jose, devastated by his death, puts a bomb there. When the authorities go to the Olaya's home, Hortencia (their mother) tells them that Jose is the one who died, and makes him emigrate to Argentina using his brother's name. In the 2001 Buenos Aires, Argentina, Ernesto Olaya,is suffering the consequences of the "corralito". He owes too much money to his workers and nobody pays him for the places he have designed. He doesn't have enough money to support his family. His father Andres finds out about it, and as he was planning to travel to Spain, he tells Ernesto that he is the one who should go there.moreless