Viewtiful Joe

The WB (ended 2006)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Tomorrow's Hero is You!
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    • Exhibition! Viewtiful Film Festival!
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    • Triumph! Gedow Destroyed!
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    • Fierce Battle! Eternal Rival!
      Coming Soon
    • Actual Records! Gedow's Battle is Confirmed!
    • Rachel's Treasured Item
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    • Gedow's Romantic Operation!
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    • The Flaming Lion Returns!
      Fire Leo returns!
    • Sprocket's Love for Glasses!
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    • Raw Hook-up! Joe VS Junior
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    • Courageously Engraving the Earth!
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    • Movieland Crumbles!
      With the Black Film complete, sections of Movieland begin to be covered in a black vortex being completely sucked up in darkness. A seal has also made it impossible to go from Movieland to the real world, trapping Joe and his companions in Movieland. Will Joe, Junior, Silvia, and the characters of Movieland survive in the crumbling black Movieland!?moreless
    • Enemy is Captain Blue!
      Joe, Junior, and Silvia return to the famous Blue Town because appearances of Captain Blue have been seen in the Black Film. The team enters the film and meets Blue. For some reason though, Blue's appearance and actions are slightly different. Is this the real Blue?!
    • Revived Black Wings!
      Joe, Junior, and Silvia go to a town where it is always Halloween Eve, and a new day is always the same Eve. The team must try and get a couple to have their romance come to a happy ending by having a new day come.
    • Burning Metal Heart!
      Joe, Silvia, Junior, and Rachel encounter their old Jadow enemies; Hulk, Charles, and Bruce. Unfortunately, Rachel still takes orders from Gedow and crushes Joe, Junior, and Silvia. For some reason though, Rachel stops taking orders from Gedow and runs away with Joe and his friends from the enemy. Silvia and Junior then blame their loss on Rachel. Will Rachel stay with Joe and his friends, or will she leave and crush them again?moreless
    • The Target is Joe!
      The Target is Joe!
      Episode 10
      Rachel uses the Captain Blue device to create an electricity sucking machine. Soon the power has been lost in an entire city. Joe and the team begin to have Rachel help restore power in the city. But, when Gedow finds out that Rachel is helping their enemy, trouble starts up.
    • A Kind, Mysterious Person from Gedow?!
      A monster robot created by Gedow has been inserted with a special Captain Blue device needed by Joe, Siliva, and Junior. The device makes the robot extremely friendly and playful with children. Several kids and Joe become attached to the robot, but Junior and Silvia know that the robot must be destroyed in order to receive the device they need. What will the team do?moreless
    • Reclaiming the Black Daimond!
      A special black diamond has been stolen by Gedow. Joe and the party team up with a trio of ladies to retrieve the valuable item.
    • A Lot of Heroes!
      A Lot of Heroes!
      Episode 7
      The group discovers a city where there are absolutely no enemies at all! They later find out that the large amount of heroes in the city are acting very strange, considering anybody an enemy. Joe, Silvia, and Junior go to investigate the strange situation.
    • Fierceness! The Cannon Race
      Joe and his companions are found competing in a speedster car race for a large cash prize. The party forgets that they are really supposed to be investigating for signs of Gedow, and end up running into a few old enemies along the way.
    • The Alien Next Door
      Joe, Junior, and Silvia discover that a monster has been harming an area of Movieland. With a little help from some certified alien fighters, the group goes to fight off the monster and its evil companions that are being controlled by a new enemy; Gedow.
    • Wild Wild Kick!
      Wild Wild Kick!
      Episode 4
      Joe, Junior, and Silvia go to restore another film, but this film is soccer themed. The group finds a soccer team that suddenly says they don't need any help at all. The team has also has lost touch with their very enthusiastic coach. Will Joe, Junior, and Silvia be able to restore the charisma of the "down in the dumps" soccer team?moreless
    • Silvia and the Woman Who Summons Storms!
      Joe, Junior, and Silvia view a film that shows a cyclone lady being turned to evil by a mysterious robot. This robot may also have some key information to a new enemy lurking in Movieland. With their new combined powers, the team assumes that no job is too hard for them. They decide to go and restore the film to its peaceful solution, while meeting several new friends along the way.moreless
    • Junior's Henshin
      Junior's Henshin
      Episode 2
      Junior opens the case he received from Captain Blue previously. The items in the case prove useful in the end, while being used by Junior to defeat a new and powerful corrupted enemy.
    • The New Enemy! Gedow's Invasion
      Joe, Junior, Silvia, and Captain Blue return to the real world after the defeat of Jadow. An unexpected new friend and a mysterious item reveal that the group may still be in Movieland though, and that a new enemy may be making their arrival! The group goes to investigate the situation, and discovers something they never saw coming!moreless
  • Season 1