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Joe's got a new game

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    [1]Nov 3, 2008
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    Just thought you guys might like to know, it's just been revealed that Joe is going to be a playable character in Tatsunoko vs Capcom for Wii.


    It's kinda funny because Joe himself in fact is a parody/homage to a lot of Tatsunoko's characters namely Polymar and Casshern who are both in the game. I mean seriously look at Joe and Casshern standing side by side , they look like siblings XD.

    Anyway there's very little chance for this game coming out in the states (licensing issues with the Tatsunoko characters), although Capcom has stated they are trying. I'm definitely importing.

    Oh and if you're curious about the game, here's the latest public trailer. There's no Joe, as this is a couple months old, but you can get an idea of what kind of game it is.

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    [2]Nov 15, 2008
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    Heh, I think Joe's a parody of henshin heroes in general, but I always though he was most like Kamen Rider.

    Man... Joe's head looks weird compared to everyone else's. Cool though, and he looks pretty cool in action in the current vids.

    I love the Capcom vs series, would be nice if this got brought over.

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