Viewtiful Joe

Season 1 Episode 5

Howdy, Partner!

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Nov 05, 2005 on The WB
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Howdy, Partner!
Blue Town, a town in the middle of the desert, has its own hero, Blue Jr. Blue Jr. protects them from enemies such as bandits. But, what will happen when the bandits’ leader Billy shows up? Can Blue Jr. beat him, or will Joe have to step in?moreless

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  • this was the first episode that i got to see! :)

    This was the very first episode i got to see. At first when i saw it i thought it would be a boring teen show about a smart-alec teenager, but i was wrong. when i saw this i didn't even know what it was because it was so different from what i thought it would be like, (especially the bomb thing, Lol! :P) soon i had watched the whole thing and it was So AWESOME! and then i started watching it ALL the time and got hooked, i think joe is the coolest, because he is always so carefree and serious at the same time and no matter how silly he may act everything will always turn out alright :D Go Viewtiful Joe! ;)

    -kimmy ^_^moreless
  • This is the first episode that the US gets to see?

    I kinda liked this episode.

    It had it's ups and downs. For example, they start off the season by showing Joe in an elevator in an abondoned warehouse. Where'd the warehouse come from? How did they get trapped inside with a bomb? Strange.

    Then after the commercial break they show Joe in the ole' west. What in the world? I really wanted to know the whole story from 1 to the end not episode 5 till the end. This is very strange.

    Blue Jr. was really cool. Even though he didn't have a real V-watch he was still a super hero at heart. So special.

    The comedy then comes in when Blue Jr. threw Horse Monewer and when the residents of Blue Town threw cactus' on the Bikers.

    The strangeness was covered up by the sweet animation, language and action. The action was intense, I really liked how they introduced Billy. I also liked how Viewtiful Joe beat him.

    It was sad when Blue Jr. found out of Captain Blues dissapearance. Now he will never get a V-watch presented to him! That's to bad but I really think that Captain Blue or Viewtiful Joe will give Blue Jr. one of the V-watchs. But I'm not from Japan and don't know this anime so I wouldn't know.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • In the original Japanese version of this episode, they show Billy's guns and the cacti don't disintegrate. In the dub the revolvers are replaced with laser guns and the cacti disintegrate.

    • Commericial Trivia

      Do you know the name of the land where heroes and viewtiful villains battle it out? - Highlight for the answer: (Movieland)

      Who does Joe think is the coolest action hero dude in Movieland? - Highlight for the answer: (Captain Blue)

    • Scene Edit: Joe's trademark slightly edited to remove the middle finger (even though it's still intact in the opening).

    • As with Captain Blue, Captain Blue Junior's hair was red during production.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Joe: So, I'm Joe. My girlfriend Silvia got snatched up by this bad-guy organization called Jadow and then taken into Movie Land, this whole, like, other dimension. Then Captain Blue, my favorite superhero, shows up, gives me my very own V-Watch and bang! Suddenly, I'm a superhero. I've got these totally cool powers which I'm still sort of figuring out. But, dude, the thing is now I'm Viewtiful Joe - fighting the bad guys of Movie Land and Saving Silvia. How cool is that?

    • (about Silvia, while walking to Blue Town in the desert)
      Joe: Couldn't she have gotten sucked up into a skateboard park or something, in Hawaii, with, like ice cream, and ice cream?

    • (about Silvia, while walking to Blue Town in the desert)
      Joe: Couldn't she have gotten sucked up into a skateboard park or something, in Hawaii, with, like ice cream, and chocolate sauce?

    • Lead Biker: You haven't seen the end of me, Junior!
      Captain Blue Jr.: Why would I wanna? Yuck!

    • (referring to Captain Blue)
      Billy: Where's old fatty Mcspandex?

    • (after Viewtiful Joe stops the bomb by cutting the blue wire)
      Joe: How did you know it was the blue one?
      Captain Blue Jr.: That one's easy! It's always the blue one that protects everything; the red one can't handle that burden alone.

    • Billy: Always finish off your opponent Joe, unless you wanna end up nothing but a red smear in the landscape.
      Detective: Red?
      Billy:: Huh?…
      Detective: You said red, right?
      Billy: Yes. Why?
      Detective: Just asked if you said red.
      Billy: Did I?
      Detective: Hum um.
      (starts to cut red wire on the bomb)
      Billy: Wait! What was the question?! WHAT WAS THE QUESTION?!
      (Bomb explodes after the Detective cut the red wire)

  • NOTES (7)