Viewtiful Joe

Season 1 Episode 25

In the Belly of the Jadow Beast

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM May 13, 2006 on The WB

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  • Joe finally gets to Jadow's base where he gets unexpected help in defeating Fire Leo and he finds out the real identity of the Almighty Leader.

    This was a very beautiful episode. To be honest with you, I saw this episode on Youtube with the subtitles. Joe finally finds Silvia where he then has an encounter with Fire Leo again. Joe unexpectedly gets help from Alastor (usually in cartoons, the villain doesn't help the protagonist unless something happens). Joe now is in the same room as the Almighty Leader, still oblivious as to the real identity of the Leader. Then, the Almighty Leader reveals himself as ... Captain Blue! Joe thinks that it is not true but once he finds out the truth, it destroys him emotionally(Joe looks super cute when he's on the verge of tears). Everyone who knows him sees the scene and some of them get upset. Everyone who sees the scene then encourages him and the climactic battle is about to begin! Who will win this round?