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  • continue

    they shouldv went on jr,joe and sexy silvia wouldv been awesome all together
  • Viewtiful Joe, excellent games and great anime

    Well, this series was pretty good, the animation was very different, but still had it's charm.
    This was more like a comedy and fast action than a deep meaningful and developing series, but still it was quite good.
    The characters were a little generic, Joe, Silvia, Junior and Captain Blue are all characters one can easly notice on other series.
    The only thing that i didn't like here was the ending, it was far too cheesy and generic, it could have been a lot better.
    Still, this series was OK, it gave a few good laughs and some sweet action scenes, too bad it had to end so soon.
  • Here's a way to describe it in one word: perfect

    This has got to be the best and most perfect anime I have and will ever see in my entire lifetime. Minor edits, awesome music, unique characters, it's all there. Joe visits many movies adding to the adventure of it all, but there are also perfect plot twists, perfect drama, and perfectly well placed Jokes. Every time I watch Viewtiful Joe I smile. It is the best anime you will ever see in your life. By far the best Phuuz has ever done. I hereby declare Phuuz the god of animation. There is not an episode in this series I don't like! It's all spectacular. With it's wonderful animation and colorful designs, this is one anime you MUST see! What are you waiting for? WATCH IT NOW! And you can thank me for changing your life.
  • Viewtiful Joe is an anime based off the video game series of the same name. While the video games were successful and captivating, the anime is not. It follows the story of an average guy named Joe, who gains superpowers to save his girlfriend.

    Amazing. Spectacular. All adjectives I could use to describe the video game of the same name. However, to use them for the anime adaptation would be unfitting. The story is pretty dry. Joe, along with his partner Captain Blue Jr., go from episode to episode fighting off members of the Organization Jadow, who also have Joe's girlfriend, Silvia, hostage. However, most of these experiences come out dull. The character designs are creative, but how this entire anime is animated feels like a joke. Rinsing and recycling scenes isn't the best way to depict fights, and characters usually move with ugly depiction. The art is the best part of it all. While the Japanese version used the original voice actors from the games, the American dub fails to do so. Instead, the viewers are often given poor acting, and even vile dialogue to boot. It all evens out to a laughably bad experience. The best aspect of the entire anime is easily the music. While not as pleasing to ear as the game's themes, the BGM's often replicate that "Viewtiful Joe" feel. Like I stated before, the art really matches the video game as well. In the end, the anime achieves a 2.5 from me. At times, there are unneeded episodes that make you why they are even there, and the entire outcome feels messy and rushed. Diehard fans will probably enjoy it, but as an anime it falls short on almost every aspect.
  • After Slyvia, Joe's girlfriend, gets captured by the villainous Jadow, Joe follows them into movieland where he gets VFX powers and becomes Viewtiful Joe.

    Viewtiful Joe is a greatly inspired cartoon that is easy to understand. I know this because I watched the show in Japanese before I watched it in English. It is funny because of the use of movie slang in all aspects of the show like slow motion and mach speed. It is kept fresh because of the outrageous sounds Joe makes and the strange plotline. I recommend this to young television watchers because they will get the most kicks out of it. However, if your as strange as me you can watch it as well. This show should go on because it has somewhere to go to in the future. The show doesn't have to stick too close to the game so they shouldn't have any problems making future episodes. Remember Henshin a go-go baby!
  • The games and the show are dead. But, we can try hard to bring the show back....But, leave the games behind us...For their time has ended.(The games were so young though -_-.)

    The show(and first game) start off the same. A movie lover named Joe takes his Girlfriend Silvia to a movie. However, an evil presence grabs Silvia and takes her into the screen as a giant robo does the same to Joe. After that, Joe is greeted by his favorite hero of all, Captain Blue. Who, gives Joe a V-Watch allowing him to become Viewtiful Joe! After that, the show and the game do different things. However, they both become similar at the end of the show's first season and the first game's ending. However, after that begins the second season(Japanese only) and the second game. They once again have their diffrences and probably the same ending....But only time will tell.
  • The best show that WAS on KidsWB's lineup.

    Viewtiful Joe is a very entertaining source of animation that can be extremely entertaining at almost all times. With the classic Rescue-the-Girl story line you might think Viewtiful Joe is just another one of those boring shows that wastes your time entirely. That is where you're wrong. With unique characters, animation, and plot lines Viewtiful Joe makes your ordinary superhero show look like dirt. While playing the games first does make the show a little more enjoyable you will still find Joe more than average. The quick and short comedy lines Joe throws out every once in a while always make the show more enjoyable and worth an occasional laugh. The music and background animated art is a one of a kind that always gives Viewtiful Joe a more unique name. While some of the earlier episodes do keep Viewtiful Joe at a more generic standpoint the more recent episodes will make you want to keep watching until the very end. Creative relationships form, rivalry builds, and suspense grows every episode. While Viewtiful Joe's run in the U.S. was extremely unsuccessful compared to its run in Japan, it still is one of my favorite animes. With the shows end on KidsWB we can only hope Geneon returns it. For now though, DVDs are the only main sources left. Congrats Viewtiful Joe, you had a good run.
  • The people of Geonon took the very popular video games and made them into on screen masterpieces...very Viewtiful, I must say...

    Man...this show rocked!!! It took a long while for the show to get interesting, as they should have had one overall plot instead of a bunch of pointless side adventures, but, hey...I can't really complain!!! The creators of the show really went all out when they made this show...they put all of the Viewtiful Joe characteristics the games had. Action, Comedy, was all here. It's just a little upsetting how we probably aren't going to get to see the second season to see how the show finishes...that sucks...COME ON!!! BRING IT BACK!!! PLEASE!!!
  • It's So Viewtiful!

    Viewtiful Joe is an anime series based on the video game of the same name. Following the game's story-line, movie lover Joe and his girlfriend Silvia enjoy a seemingly normal trip to the movies to see an action flick starring Joe's idol, Captain Blue, when suddenly the leader of the evil Jadow force reaches out of the screen and takes Silvia into the movie. Joe is forced to follow her by Captain Blue's mecha, Six Machine, and meets Captain Blue in the flesh who grants Joe the power to become an action movie hero in his own right... Viewiful Joe.

    The series follows a similar plot to the video games, but there are many differences. Most of the events of the anime did not take place in any of the Viewtiful Joe games, and two major new characters were added (many original characters appear throughout the series, but usually for no more than an episode or two). It also contains many references to tokusatsu (Japanese for special effects), especially the Kamen Rider and Super Sentai franchises.

    The series was shown every Saturday on Japanese TV station TV Tokyo between October 2004 and October 2005. It is been licensed by anime distributor Geneon and is set to air in the USA on Kids' WB on Saturday, November 5, 2005 at 11:30am Eastern Time. For reasons unknown, the U.S. broadcast will be starting with the 5th episode (which introduces Captain Blue Jr.)

    Viewtiful Joe has instantly become one of my new favorite shows. It's funny, it's creative and the animation is very unique. My favorite characters are Captain Blue Jr. and Joe. I think this show will become a success in a very short amount of time.
  • Hensin A-No-No Baby

    Pitiful Joe is a bland, boring series about total stupidity. Not just the dub, its original version was also lame. The plot is based off an awesome video game series, but this anime removes anything from it. I like the voice acting, but it cannot hide the shallowness of the series plot. And the edits do not effect the show that badly. Aside from some cursing and needless cleavage shots of Sporket, the orginial version was a clean show. The worse this is Viewtiful Joe himself. He is dumb, annoying, and lame. I cannot wait until the final episode, which shall arrive soon.
  • Take a look at the main page up there!

    This show is totally random but the more I watch, the more I really like it! It's funny, entertaining, well written and has an excellent cast. Anything with good voice casting like this has to rock! Granted I know nothing about the game which spawned this show, but I have totally fallen in love with the show!
  • A fabulous source of anime, with humor, adventure, and a viewtiful style that will knock you off your own two feet!

    When Viewtiful Joe was first released by Capcom on the Nintendo Gamecube I decided to give it a try. The game became so addictive that I could no stop playing. The storyline, controls, and graphics were so awesome. I bought all the games after that and became a huge fan. Soon I had the collectibles, the posters, the HMD shirt, and all of the games. Now in November the television series began, and of course I couldn't help but watch it. The first episode kept me haning on the edge of my seat, and I had to watch the next episode. Soon I had bought the Volume One DVD, and the O.S.T. too! The game is fabulous, and guess what? So is the show! Viewtiful Joe has become a great source of anime for me and always will be. The show is extremely funny, and can bring out some wild adventures and fun. The DVD, Soundtrack, and games are all extremely great, and the television show makes it even greater. This excellent anime show will blow your mind away, and make you want to keep watching. Watch it, and you'll love it! Henshin A-Go-Go Baby!
  • Although some who never played or weren't fans of the game might not enjoy it as much Viewitful Joe is still and exellent Anime and a great game to anime transition.

    Viewtiful Joe follows the story of a guy named Joe, as you might have guessed from the title. Joe was always a fan of hero movies especially the movies of his favorite hero, Captain Blue. One fateful day Joe took Silvia to see an old Captain Blue movie; unfortunatly things didn't follow the script and Blue got beat by an enemy in a giant blue robot. The robot then kidnaps Silvia and takes her into the movie. Luckily Joe manages to get into the movie his self and goes after Silvia who has been kidnapped by the diabolical group known as Jadow who wish to take over movie land. Joe gains the ability to transform into VFX power using Viewtiful Joe and the fight is on!

    The storyline while a bit odd is one of the things that made the game great. It was also a fresh take on the 2-D Beat em up genre and provided a set of worlds that mimicked classic movies and let you experience the danger from each firsthand. Unfortunately interactivity in Television hasn't come around yet...well not on the scale of video games anyway...regardless Viewitful Joe the anime does manage to capture the spirit of the game. The show also lets us get more of an in dept look at the character's personalities than the game did as they talk the whole time rather than just mid level or end of level cut scenes as in the game. We also get to see a lot of new characters both hero and villain alike. The biggest addition would probably Blue Junior since he has recently appeared in the game series. Along with Blue Junior we get villains such as a Jadow member who poses as the Mask of Truth and a robot created by the Jadow members to combine their powers. Most of these enemies are defeated not to return but they are still original to Viewtiful Joe regardless. The new villain Sprocket who in the Anime is 2nd in command of Jadow rather than Fire Leo also made an appearance in a Viewtiful Joe video game.

    In addition to the new characters you'll also get a helpful heaping of the characters that made the game so awesome- Joe, Silvia, Alastor, Bruce, Leo, Charles, Joker, and of course the mysterious leader of Jadow(game players like me know who it is).

    Most shows follow Joe Captain Blue Junior on their adventure through movie land to rescue Silvia. Along the way however Joe runs into several people and places that need his help dealing with Jadow. Although the episodes can be formulamatic they still manage to deliver the action and humor that a good show requires. Although the fighting action has been reduced drastically in the transition from game to anime the fighting hero theme still manages to show through.

    Overall Viewtiful Joe is a colorful humorous and while not action packed still action containing anime. There have been worse dub jobs, so if you’re an anime fan that doesn’t mind something different give Viewtiful Joe a go. I also highly recommend this to fans of the game.
  • this is unbelievable!!!

    this show jus tells u that nintendo is a fat, cash cow! first pokemon and then this, cartoons arent jus wut they usta be! its not the greatest show ever, but i love the video game enuff 2 give it a 10 outta 10! i love the game so u gotta play the game and try 2 watch this 2!!!
  • A cool show, but I think the game is better.

    This show is about a person named Joe and his girlfriend Sylvia. After Joe and Sylvia went out to a movie, a villian in the movie kidnapped Sylvia and Joe went after her. After the hero of the movie, Captain Blue, was beaten by the villian, Captain Blue gave his V-Watch to Joe in order to save Movieland and his girlfriend Sylvia. Joe's new V-Watch gave him VFX powers that enabled him to do slow-motion, mach speed, and zoom.
    That's what happened in the show and the game, but they're still a lot different. For example, in the show, zoom finds the weakness of the enemy he's zooming on; in the game, zoom let's Joe do some more powers like a different kick, a different jump, and a different punch. Also, in the game, their never is a Captain Blue Jr. like their is in the show. The show is still cool, but I'd recomend the game.
  • I love this show it is so cool! WB Never ever ever get rid of it ^_^

    OMG! this is like my new favorite tv show it even is at the perfect time cause i wake up early on saturdays and nobody else likes it or wakes up early enough to stop me! :P anyway if WB ever gets rid of it I will send them so many complaints they will have to put it back on.
  • I've watched 3 episodes and they were all horible

    I wased a hour and a half watch this stupid show what were they thinking another sstupid hero show glt. This is just great I'm annoyed I hope they cancel this show immediately. It's a complete waste of your time. I mean they've done this before. Come on wb you can do better then this take tth show off and buy a show that doesn't make me fall asleep. Like maybe yu-gi-oh gx. It should be on the wb anyway because you guys have yugi. I that's I can'tbblieve it, that's stupid also I hate the web site for wb but that's an intirely different story for a different review. So please don't waste your time watching this horrible excunderse for a show.
  • I think this is like one of the best shows EVER. It is really funny. Not only is it not funny, but it is also cool. The thing I think is the coolest thing in it is Joe and his V-watch. He can also use mach speed or slow timer.

    Joe takes his girlfriend, Silvia, to the movies starring his favoritte idol, Captain Blue. Later, something comes out of the movies and grabs her. Joe wants to save her. So then, something pulls him in too. He then meets Captain Blue. Captain Blue gives him a his own V-watch and then he goes out to find Silvia.
  • My favorite game, my favorite anime.

    Finally, one my favorite video games has become one of my favorite animes, and it couldn't be cooler. It captures the games action and it's coolness in everyway, even the voice actors do an awesome job. I would've give it a 10-10 if the placment of the episodes wasn't so screwed up, WTF KidsWB?
  • It's boring! It's horrible! Please , Wbkids, if you have asoul you will cancel it now!

    It's boring! It's horrible! Please , Wbkids, if you have asoul you will cancel it now! It's boring as all anime are! I have a horrible dislike of this pointless show! It need to get cancelled! Replace it with a cartoon on Kingdom Hearts that is not ANIME! I really love the games! Those are good! But leave V.J. alone! Gosh! If this was not anime this could be a potetionaly addictive show! okay?

    Like I said, It's boring! It's horrible! Please , Wbkids, if you have asoul you will cancel it now! Get rid of it! Now! Please!
  • I got a question for UXMGambit: "What made you think it'd be an Adult Swim anime?" If it was a Gamecube (and it was) then it'd clearly be a Kids show. (in the end.) I like this show! The Opening Theme rocks my socks! :3

    This show is pretty good, but I wish they hadn't skipped the true first episode. When I went ot watch it, at the beginning it had that whole summary of the previous episode and so It confused me. Also they shouldn't have skipped it anyways, becuz say for those who did not play the game, watching the episode they'd wonder: "How did Captain Blue get defeated??" becuz I don't know and I"d like to know. but oh well. I only have one complaint: Joe's voice sucks. It works (sorta) but the voice used in the video game was soooooo much better. Joe's voice in the anime just seriously makes me cringe each time. (>_
  • Ever since Joe came to my gamecube console I said this would make a good cartoon show on adult swim...but it's on WB and still has that misguided humor that everyone loves. The artwork is taken right out of the game's graphics which adds flavor of the sh

    Ever since Joe came to my gamecube console I said this would make a good cartoon show on adult swim...but it's on WB and still has that misguided humor that everyone loves. The artwork is taken right out of the game's graphics which adds to the true flavor of the show. YOu can't blame the network for showing the true origin on a kids cartoon, but the idea to catch everyone up on it was good and even motivated a new character on it's upcoming game. I expect this show to get more viewers and be a hit much like Yu-Gi-Oh! and boost game sales. Heck! We may even get some "viewtiful" action figures!