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The History Channel's scripted drama chronicling the adventures of Viking warrior (and supposed descendent of Odin), Ragnar Lothbrok. Curious as to what lies to the West, Ragnar devises a plan to rebel against the long tradition of raiding East. Originally intended as a mini-series, Vikings was renewed for a second and third season.


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    The Rules of How and How Not to Kill Off TV Characters

    Plenty of TV characters have died over the last several weeks, but how many actually meant something?

  • SKOL!

    History Renews Vikings for Season 5 and Adds Jonathan Rhys Meyers

    Add another 20 episodes to the History show's impressive run.

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    • Stable episodes.

      Edit: Season 4, Episode 4 really had a WTF moment!

      Norway's first king entered the series! Yes, The famous King Harald Fairhair.

      I live in Norway, and everyone learns about King Fairhair at childrens school here.


      The only wrong thing about this series is the that there is too few episodes in one season.

      I think this is better than Game of Thrones, and i can't remember any boring episode in Vikings at all.

      I can't believe that quite a few people think that Vikings wasn't humans, while the brutal Romans were humans. DOH. Any kind of people in history had families etc, and Vikings is no exception.

      Its always been known that Vikings had settlements spread worldwide atleast.

      Vikings were in America long time before Columbus, and i think we will see that in a season, and probably in the mid-east too.

      I think we can blame hollywood for portraying Vikings the wrong way all the decades. Hollywood even thinks that Vikings had helmets with horns while they usually didn't use helmets at all in real life.

      I live in the sea area where this TV series is based on, which is a little bonus. :)

      Trivia: Star Wars Empire Strikes Back Hoth scenes wasn't filmed far from the main Viking area in the TV series.

    • Amazing!!!!!

      Vikings keeps getting better and better every season. So far Season 4 has been amazing. This is the most overlooked show on Tv. Game Of Thrones is so old and stale. TV>COM needs to pay more attention to this show and get the word out about what views are missing....
    • Reaches Stellar Television Heights!

      One of the greatest shows on television, and my favorite. The "Breaking Bad" of the Dark Ages! Intelligently scripted and acted, there is never a dull moment, supremely entertaining. It plays a little loose with the history, but it's so good it doesn't matter. I give it my highest recommendation.
    • WOW!!!!

      Someone had mentioned this show to me in passing. It was a while before I actually gave it a chance. It plays well to both female and male viewers. I fell in love with the show. Although much of the show has been changed for entertainment it does try to be historically authentic. That is most likely which draws its audience. I really hope they do not kill Ragnar off to soon. If you know viking history... then you know how Ragnar really dies. As the show does try its best to be historically authentic ... spoiler............................... we will probably lose him soon. Although I love his character so much. I also loved how they made Rolo and him brothers although they lived long apart from each other. It just draws you in more. #Vikings # Ragnar # Best Shows on TVmoreless
    • Just magnificent!

      It's one of my absolute favourite tv shows. Immersive and believable acting accompanied by beautiful surroundings, just love all of it! So well put together.

      If you want to experience Vikings vs Saxons first hand, come join us fans and play pc game "War of the Vikings" (currently 75% off on Humblebundle)! See you on the battlefield!

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