Season 2 Episode 7

Blood Eagle

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Apr 10, 2014 on The History Channel

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  • Blood Eagle

    Not sure how much time has passed, as the snow is flying. Horric dressed in splendid furs confronts Ragnar about Jarl Borg, asking him if he intends to still execute him. King Horric lets Ragnar know that he disagrees with his plan, and think that Borg will be of use to him, as he wants to avenge the slaughter of his men from his time in England, and they need Borg men and ships to do it. Ragnar says NO. He agrees to hold off the execution until another strong ally is found, to assist them in their vengeance against Wessex.

    Meanwhile, across the sea, King of Northrumbia has come to meet King Eckbert. They discuss Ragnar, and how he will return with warriors to attack them. They both agree to become allies, cementing their deal with a marriage between their son and daughter. They agree to attack a neighboring country who is weak, and to split the land between them, making them bigger and stronger.

    Back at Kattagat, Floki's girlfriend tells him, that he is to become a father. Floki doubts his fathering ability, and seems torn about her pregnancy. She tells him he will be a great father. He wants to marry her, she agrees. However, he tells her he does not need Ragnar's blessing, just the GOD's. Floki seems to harbor resentment towards Ragnar, seeds of discontent are sowing here, thru Ragnar's rise in power.

    Meanwhile, Bjorn seems to be glum. Ragnar asks him what is troubleing him. He then asks why he was not included in his inner circle, and not informed of the capture of Jarl Borg. Bjorn thinks his father does not trust him. Ragnar tells him he did send someone to find him, and he couldn't be found, and asks where he was. Bjorn tells him he was with the slave girl. Ragnar tells that Bjorn chose the girl over his father. Bjorn says he wants to be included in his father's decisions. Ragnar says he will be the judge of when he take Bjorn in his confindence. He then gives his son fatherly advice saying think with his head, and not his manly parts.

    Princess Auslaug confides in Siggy, saying she is having a rough pregnancy, with lots of pain, and feels like it had to do with her having sex with Ragnar after he returned from England too soon.

    Siggy pays off a guard, guarding Borg, allowing King Horric a visitation. Borg tells Horric that Ragnar is on a power grab, and wants to be king. He should let him escape and then kill Ragnar, making Rollo Jarl. Horric says he will think on it. Horric gives Borg his dead wife scull, giving him some comfort in his misery.

    Ragnar has not forgotten his friend Athelson, and asks the seer about him. He says he is alive and with the king in Wessex, England.

    Meanwhile, in the great hall, Ragnar lurks behind a wall, quitely observing his people. He watch's Rollo spar with another warrior, then Rollo asks what he intends to do with Jarl Borg, to which Ragnar says he is going to kill him. Rollo wants to know why the delay, Ragnar says the king asked him to delay.

    Ragnar contines to covertly observe people in the great hall, he sees Bjorn chasing the slave girl, and sees her spurn his attention. He sees Siggy whispering to Horric. telling him that FLoki is angry with Ragnar.

    Floki uncovers his fathers grave, and retrieves a sword.

    In England a proper Christian ceremony is taking place marrying the prince and princess. In Kattagat a beautiful wedding complete with sword exchanges and rings also takes place between Floki and his girl.

    Meanswhile, a stranger has come to Kattagat. He says he represents a new Earl who wants to ally with Ragnar. He wants a private meeting away from Kattagat.

    Rollo and Siggy are intimate, Rollo hurts her, and asks why she sleeps with Horric. She says its for him. And that someday he might have to choose between Ragnar and Horric, and not to forget that Horric is King.

    Horric pays another visit to Borg in his cell. He says that he will allow him to escape and help kill Ragnar.

    Bjorn visits his father during his bath, and is curious about what a Blood Eagle is. Ragnar explains to him, that it is where the defendant gets on his knees, his back is sliced open with a knife. His ribs are systematticly removed with a ax, and spread apart. The lungs are then removed and placed upon his shoulders, to resemble folded eagle wings. If he utters any sounds of pain, he will not be allowed entrance into Vahallah. If he remains quiet until his death, then he will be rewarded with Vahallah.

    Ragnar is summoned by the unknown Earl to the woods for their first meet. Turns out Lagetha is the Earl, and his equal. Ragnar seems amused and taken with his ex wife. They become allies.

    Bjorn visits Borg in jail, offers him some food. Borg is looking rough and seems to be starving.

    Ragnar watch's Lagertha train in the yard, when his very pregnant wife approaches. She says she likes her cuz she's spunky. Ragnar in his amusement of having both his wives together says he is being cursed by the GODs.

    Later that night, Borg is awakened and released from his bonds. Thinking it is Horric, with the escape plan enacted he steps outside, only to realize it is his time to die. Torch's and warriors line the path to an alter. Ragnar dressed in white awaits him at the end. With Viking gumption, he walks the path, head held high. and gives his back to Ragnar, never uttering a word. Ragnar than proceeds to begin the blood eagle, all his people watching. Borg remains quiet as he is filleted and chopped, only to fall once. Ragnar assists him back in position and finishes the blood eagle. Many of the women, look away as Borg utters no sounds, until finally collapsing. Ragnar covered and slathered and spattered in blood, completes the Blood Eagle.

    Another great episode.
  • Ragnar love him or loathe him?..........

    As per usual splendid performances flocki looking at gaining some independence, out with the old allies and in with the new. Is Ragnar getting to big for his boots? The higher he soars the harder he falls..

    Jarl Borg like him or hate him was it too early to see his demise?..... certainly thought he would escape but how the plot thickens really love this show and how the characters are coming into their own
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