Season 2 Episode 1

Brother's War

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 27, 2014 on The History Channel

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  • Brother's War

    This episode had me in tears so many times. How could Rollo kill so many from his home? I'm glad he caved but man was that awful. We almost lost Floki! What is Aslaug's game? She has to want something. Is it just because Ragnar is doings things? Does she want to be with a man as famous as her parents? Sigh. So many questions. I'm glad Lagertha left and that Bjorn left with her.
  • Rock and Rolo


    Loved it! Got the gory battle in, Rolo and Jarl Borg chewing the beserker herbs, warriors turning on Floki like a hungry wolf pack and Rolo impaling a guy and then some. Cut to second half and it was all tears for me, Bjorn having to choose and Rolo with his guilt and jealousy - "I thought I could step out from under your shadow, but when I did... there was no light" and this said after his life was spared.
  • ...

    Awesome start to the season ,but half the episode focused on a love triangle!

    come on guys!

    we cant have the love crap take precedence in the might vikings... !!!

  • No One Leaves happy!

    Great fight between Rolo And Ragnar!

    Quite funny watching Ragnar squirm when his baby mama showed up!

    Can't wait for the raids to begin anew!

    Awesome start to the new season!
  • spellbinding

    The fight between brothers flocki's hatred towards Rolo two women fighting over one man, this show has it acting great story line and the battles have improved from season one, cant wait for the next episode
  • soap opera, but not for long

    Felt like a soap opera, but the ending left some great possibilities.
  • RADEING TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    More blood, more violence, and rapine, pillage, and burning from your favorite Norsemen