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  • Go the distance!

    Brilliant show. I think it accuratly portrays the Vikings; strong but unorganzied, passionate but careless, intelligent but uncivilized. I love them but they were REALLY nasty pieces of work.

    I just hope the show goes the distance. I hope it takes the Vikings straight to Great King Alred, the man who drove them back into the sea and unified England under one rule!

  • Dark and bloody brilliant

    I am absolutely enjoying this awesome show, i would rate it as high as Game of thrones.

    I just wish there could be more than 10 episodes per season, can't get enough of it. 11/10.
  • Need 16 Episode Season

    Vikings is definitely in the top 10 of best shows on TV. Just as a season starts and you are drawn into this "work of art show" the season is over as there are only 10 episodes in each season. The best way for a storyline to play out completely with the most detail and coverage of all angles to each situation we need either 65 minute episodes or 16 to 20 episodes per season. Without more episodes/longer episodes the show doesn't get enough of the story told. If they cut out some of the scenes so the story line can progress faster then the story suffers as we lose to much vital information and then we have a half ass poorly told story. As it stands right now, the story is great, with tons of plots and unexpected twists. The fans are not getting enough as you give us a taste of something so epic, but deny us from having anything close to enough of it to satisfy the craving from one season to the next. We need more, and if it's a money thing then some people are not doing their job correctly, as this show has so much to offer and needs to be marketed in a different way to cover the cost of more episodes each season. VIKINGS will sell itself. So it can't be a lack of money to order more episodes. If that is the case then bring some more people to the table to get behind this dynamic series called VIKINGS!
  • 10 episodes does not a season make

    we fans need to lobby for more than ten episodes a season. Vikings is too good to be gone 42 weeks a year.
  • History doubters need to know their history for this uncharted area of history on TV.

    Coming from Norwegian descent, and majoring in History in college, trust me, the historical aspect of the show is true. Storylines that are more in depth? This was a simple time. The History Channel has a real winner here. Knowing my history of this era of my true ancestors, and how things play out down the road, this show is right on the money. It is not over the top. Given many future episodes, characters and plots will get deeper with the overall audience acceptance. Awesome show for me. Vikings impacted the world tremendously. They were not afraid to venture anywhere. If you think Columbus got here first, go back and really read and watch History.
  • winnick

  • Just watched 1st season.

    Love it! Original!
  • Valhalla

    This show is awesome and this season promises something great...
  • Gets better every episode

    Stop what you are doing and watch this now. Much better than Game of Thrones - and I'm a GoT fan.
  • Should be better.

    With a fabulous cast, wonderful scenery and an era that had never been covered on non-pay tv as far as I remember. I'm not even disturbed by the simplicity of the stories. But the lack of dialogue and character development is annoying. This could have been a series that stole some Emmy's from HBO.
  • Back to the beautiful times.

    Man i can't stop loving this show, it separates us from all this modernized dull time we live in and takes us to the beautiful times where every thing was simple and tasteful.

    WOW Ragnar and the whole bunch of wild Vikings ROCK!

  • excuse the pun - striking!

    I'm afraid I can't remember my history classes on The Vikings very well, so whether this program is accurate, I cannot attest to. What I can verity is the scenery is breath-taking, the combat-furious and violent and the story lines are compelling.. I am looking forward to at least one more season, but more would be even better, as long as the quality of photography and writing remains the same. It is always fascinating to learn about other cultures especially with their myths and legends , so different from ours. The sooner, the better-bring it on.

    Think about the extraordinary journey that they were in the modern day USA before Columbus and one gets the feel for the impact the VIKINGS had on the globe. Simply put... excellent!
  • You cannot seriously make this a once a year production

    I miss this program. You cannot seriously make this a once a year production. Good gosh .. get with it. Wake up over there in history channel land. You have a show with a wide audience... HURRY UP
  • returns

    in 2014
  • Uninspired mess of black and white characters and cliches

    We really wanted to like Vikings. The first episode had a very good atmosphere, an eerie Scandinavian ambience with the introduction of promising characters like Ragnar and Floki. However, instead of developping these characters the series went quickly downhill from the 3d episode on towards a mess of linear black and white characters, low budget effects, weak scripts that just do not hold up anymore these days against the dozens of strong told series out there (from Homeland to Game Of Thrones and Carnivale, you name it).

    Clich after clich combined with sometimes plain weak directing and uninspired stories that one just does not buy, with all the goodwill in the world. I could not rate this any higher than a 4 in this day and age. Honestly it looks like a more violent Hercules or Xena the warrior princess. And that's not a good thing...
  • Pure love

    I love this series and only want more.

    The main characters are not invulnerable and that is one of the things I really like.

    That you never know what to happen or who dies.
  • Anxious for Season 2

    Seson 1 left us all with a sense of wanting more.. This marvelous tale is only at the beginning and I hope for a few more seasons...

  • Best of the best

    I love this movies
  • vikings

    A wonderful and somewhat historical series. The acting is great and I think most all of the stars

    will be big breakout stars in movies soon. Definitely refreshing and high-end entertainment at its best
  • what happened to the show?... is it finished?

    this show is brilliant... but what happened?... a sudden end?

    just curious because according to history, Ragnar is captured and put in the well of snakes... while he goes on to conquer France.
  • Best show ive seen on Tv in a long time

    Only one word - Brilliant !
  • Thanks be to Odin

    Now that is how you do an inaugural season. Can not wait until next season and for that matter, I can't wait for its 100th season and 15 movies. I highly suggest that everyone watch this.
  • On of the best shows on TV

    This is a great show overall. Its not suppose to be a documentary. Vikings were real men which this show depicts instead of these neurotic "girly" men that are usually depicted on prime time TV shows. What else can a man ask for in a TV show, hot women, sex, violence and real men acting like a real man. Its the only show that I actually look forward to watching each week.. I only wish that they had made more episodes.
  • wow a little harsh

    I absolutely love this series in fact I just reordered cable to watch this series, since house is no longer on tv I had really no use for until now. And as far as being harsh, yes I love historical and period pieces and accuracy is definitely a strong point when your watching a documentary by this isn't, this is loosely based on a myth/ legend from the Viking period. I think if that's what your looking for in this series you've missed the point, and point being to entertain and give a depiction of the Viking demeanor and their possible exploits. It's just good entertainment, with terrific actors and Travis fimmel(Ragnar) is just completely confidently sexy. Wish I was playing Lagertha. Uh huh
  • Wrong Again!

    The series many hits and many misses. As a Norwegian and a student of history the misses outweigh the rather historical misses. I understand that the designers of the costumes, sets and locations, have to, at times, use some LICENCE about what is true and AVAILABLE.

    That having been said, there are so many such as the Stave Church used as the Uppsala location! This was a MUCH later CHRISTIAN Norwegian Church Style, and did not exist in Upsalla or during the time of Ragnar! this church was NOT a Norse Pagan center!

    The Royals in the series were often shown wearing or sitting on Brocaded or complex fabrics, that were from a much later Ages. The majority of the costumes were fanciful at the best and had little to do with the real cloths and fabrics worn in the Viking age... but, were the over imaginative creations of the Costume designers!

    Much of the jewelry and set accessories were made and are available in Asia (Thailand) . The Scandinavian cultures of that time period had fabrics, jewellery and interior furnishings that were very obviously NOT glamorous enough for the series, set dressers and/or costume designers.

    As for human sacrifices at a Christian Stav church is outrageously wrong and comes from the need for a little more confused action and satisfy the need for blood, repeated killings and super action.... required of the modern day Computer game playing generation!

    If you are going to make an expensive series like this, based on history, such as the history of the well studied Viking Age .... at least be accurate on the big and important stuff!

    In the first episode, they sail to Britannia in one ship, but there are two ships waiting at the shore after they are finished raiding the Lidesfarn monastery! Where did the other ship come from?
  • Are you Blind Dont you see 230 votes rated the serie 9.2!!!!

    Why don't you review the series, dont you read the rating, the fan reviews?

    Sometimes i believe you are blind by the logo history. They have done and almost perfect serie, when lately most of the other tv only do crap :(
  • I like it!

    As a Viking, I really like the series. Good insight about religion and the old Gods. Also nice costumes and play.

    Of course there are a couple of questionable "facts" in the latest episodes:

    - Uppsala is a town in Sweden, not Norway (and not at all by the coast)

    - They did not have stave churches in the Viking age (they were built after Norway got their Christian belief).

    It is with sorrow to see they filmed the series in Ireland and not in Norway (due to costs), but the areas portraited in the show kind of looks like Norway :). Hoping for a second season!
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