Season 1 Episode 4

Episode Four

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 31, 2005 on ITV

Episode Recap

When housewife, Sally Mortimer finds thousands of pounds stashed in her husband William's wardrobe, she's extremely suspicious and calls on Vincent Gallagher and his team to investigate.

Supposedly going away on business, John tails William to the airport. As he checks in for Madrid, John is only too happy to hop on the same flight.

Confident that his team are on the Mortimer case, Vincent takes on another client, Keith Evans, who is concerned that his teenage son, Joel is acting out of character and mixing with the wrong crowd. Vincent asks Robert to keep a vigilant eye on Joel.

At the hotel William is greeted by a beautiful woman, Julia and it is clear his trip is less business, more pleasure. However, when they return to the UK, William is stopped at customs and Julia swans past, straight into a taxi, leaving William to explain the package of cocaine found in his suitcase…

Is Sally's husband living a double life and been working as an international drug smuggler or has he been the victim of his lover's deceit?

Hot on her heels, Vincent and Gillian follow Julia to an apartment block, but learn little more than the floor she lives on. Ensuring Julia doesn't leave without their knowledge John takes over the surveillance post and alerts Beth as Julia makes a sharp exit out of the back door.

Beth tracks Julia to a swanky hotel and watches covertly as attractive women come and go, from her room. Not willing to miss a trick, Vincent and Robert follow Julia and another woman, Amanda, to a taxi-rank. As the taxi pulls up Amanda is dragged inside, she doesn't struggle but looks scared compared to Julia's calm. Vincent follows and saves Amanda from the hands of two thugs. Indebted, she reluctantly confesses that she works for Julia as a drugs courier. The thug was a disgruntled client whom she'd short changed. Vincent shows her a photo of William, she recognises him as Julia's latest squeeze, and notes that she generally picks her boyfriends up in hotel bars, but they don't last long.

John heads back to the taxi rank and spies on a young driver, as it's evident he's a dealer not a driver, and the taxi is his guise.

Meanwhile, Robert follows Joel and discovers his gang are daring each other to smoke crack. Their dealer is the young taxi driver John has been tailing. Vincent doesn't like this link: it leads back to Julia, and the cases appear to be very closely linked.

John suggests the best way to trace Julia is through the plush hotels she frequents and to pose as a potential suitor, and sting her in a honey trap. Vincent can't help but jump at the chance and refuses to wear a wire as he might have to undress, which worries Beth in more ways than one.

Vincent goes in for the kill, but soon finds himself being reeled in by Julia's charms. Beth struggles to control her jealousy and is again worrying about Vincent's judgment on the case. Furious with Beth's interference, he pulls everyone off the case and goes it alone.

Its clear Vincent's falling for Julia, naively he drops his cover and opens his heart to her. She appreciates his honesty and agrees to see more of him and leave the drugs world behind her.

However, there is one last thing she needs to do. Like a teenager in love, Vincent accompanies her on a trip to New York. Julia announces that she's spoken to her contact and is officially unemployed. Vincent seems delighted, but can he trust her word?

As he showers in the New York hotel room, Julia slides a flat package into Vincent's suitcase, she isn't proud of herself, but can't give up the buzz of the game. On their return to the UK, Vincent is pulled over at customs and a second officer pulls a confident Julia over. Has Vincent wised up to Julia's deceitful plan?
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