Season 2 Episode 3

Episode Three

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 30, 2006 on ITV

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  • A good plot beginning with an investigation into the death of Amy Miller(Florence Bell), several interesting characters along the way, and fine acting, especially from Amanda Redman, make this a superb episode indeed.

    Sian Thomas did a good job of playing Helen Miller, beginning as a concerned mother and then showing her other side. The machinations of Nelson Security were nicely personified by Amanda Redman as Jackie Nelson, head of the firm and one of Vincent's old flames. I liked her better in this role than in New Tricks because it had more depth to it. Bryan Dick performed well as her son Simon and Kieran Flynn as Michael, a member of the firm, was an excellent bad guy. Blackwater needs him. Robert(Joe Absolom) is fun to watch getting his ideas brushed off again by Vincent, but he volunteers for a dangerous mission anyway. Vincent is less over-emotional in this episode, a possible sign of personal growth. I liked the camera work. The scenes seemed lighter than in previous episodes. There was a solid plot with a foreign flavour (Mogadishu). My only quibble is with Beth almost getting caught again while breaking and entering, and the number of bodies that piled up over the course of an hour to hide a coverup. I could live with one but the other two are overkill. All in all a very good episode.
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