Season 1 Episode 2

Episode Two

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 17, 2005 on ITV

Episode Recap

When his perfect son, Ian, is knifed to death in a nightclub, his wealthy father Edward Harper calls on private eye Vincent Gallagher and the team to investigate the murder. The prime suspect is Ian's friend, James O'Connor, but the police are unable to touch him due to the lack of evidence and willingness of witnesses to talk. Much to Vincent's annoyance the investigating officer on the case is his personal and professional rival DCI David Driscoll. James's father is none other than notorious nightclub owner, Terry O'Connor and it was in one of his clubs that Ian was killed.

Beth is really keen to take on the case and confesses that she has her own son, who lives in America with his father, so she understands the pain that Edward Harper must be feeling. Unable to resist the temptation of this intriguing and potentially dangerous case, Vincent pays a visit to Terry's nightclub and begins snooping around.

Later that evening, Vincent's private life looks like it maybe on the up when he goes round to his sister's for dinner, and she introduces him to Roxanne. They have an instant mutual attraction and he gives her a lift home. After an initial chaste goodbye, he follows her into the house and they are in the middle of a passionate embrace when her teenage son walks in. A bashful Vincent beats a speedy and embarrassed retreat.

Vincent returns to Terry's club along with John, but Terry doesn't take kindly to Vincent sniffing round. After he threatens to slit John's throat, Vincent decides that no job is worth risking his team for and takes Beth off the case. Beth's furious and although she's officially off the case she isn't willing to give it up and gets herself a job as a croupier at Terry's casino. She realises that Terry is keeping James on a very tight leash and bugs his office with a high tech listening device.

Vincent continues to make his own inquiries and visits Scott, a friend of Ian's who was with him on the fatal night. As John and Vincent tail Scott, the investigation takes a dramatic turn when he is suddenly bundled into the back of a van by three men. Vincent gives chase, but when Scott is thrown from the back of the van, Vincent ends up running over him, and killing him.

Driscoll pulls Vincent in for questioning and threatens to charge him with death by dangerous driving. A very sombre Vincent heads home in a taxi, but has to redirect to a motel when he gets a message from Cathy to say she's showing someone around the flat.

Luckily for Vincent, Beth has been watching him like a guardian angel and phones to say that three thugs are heading into the motel and she's sure he's their target. A fight ensues but Vincent manages to over power his attackers. Beth takes him home to discover his flat has been smashed up. They find Cathy amongst the debris who advices him to go away for a while. Terry calls Vincent and warns him that he will destroy him and everything in his world, if he doesn't leave his son, James, alone.

Undeterred, Vincent knows that James is the key to finding out what happened that night. The team track his every move, and discover that Ian's girlfriend, Nicola is in fact James's lover. Nicola claims Ian knew of their affair, but was more interested in drugs than her.

Backed into a corner by Vincent who claims he can find the evidence, James eventually confesses to the murder, but stresses he acted in self-defence and the CCTV footage from his father's club shows this.

However, Terry O'Connor refuses to hand over the tapes because he believes that his son will not be treated justly by the police. Vincent tells Terry that he's found the knife that killed Ian. Scott had hidden it in his mother's grave and was using it to blackmail James. Terry slowly backs down and explains how Ian was a cokehead with designs on becoming a big shot and the next Terry O'Connor. He wanted them to go into business together and was so keen to impress Terry he even offered to let him sleep with Nicola. Terry laughing off the proposal had tipped Ian over the edge. Humiliated, Ian attacked James, but the ensuing scuffle resulted in his own death.

With the CCTV evidence and the knife, will James have the nerve to turn himself in? And how can Vincent ever tell Edward Harper the truth about his son without shattering his memories?