Season 2 Episode 2

Episode Two

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 23, 2006 on ITV

Episode Recap

Vincent is employed by cheating husband, Paul Hewitt, who fell for honey trap Laura, as she seduced and drugged him before running off with his wedding ring. Vincent turns the tables and honey traps Laura.

Cornered, Laura agrees to give the ring back for £500. Beth examines the ring and hands over the cash. A closer look reveals that there is no hallmark and, when the meeting is interrupted by the elusive Gavin West, Beth is forced to leave with neither the ring nor the cash.

Vincent's attentions turn to Gavin West, especially when he learns that West is the president of a security firm and nothing happens on the estate without his say so. Vincent and Beth follow him and his "soldiers" to a church community hall. Vincent senses trouble and heads inside bolting the door behind him, he finds Father Frank, a priest at breaking point. The thugs attack.

Vincent is shocked to learn that the centre has been a target for some time. A reluctant Frank takes up Vincent's offer of help and persuades Councillor Leo Harvey to part with some cash in return for pictures of faces.

As Robert installs cameras, the gang return and beat him to a pulp. Vincent examines the footage and singles out one of the hooded youths he saw with Gavin outside Laura's earlier. He meets Leo and suspects that Gavin West is the likely ringleader. He suggests Leo should call Gavin's bluff and enquire about employing his security services for the centre, acting ignorant to the fact that it is he who is vandalising it. Leo is reluctant. With Robert in mind, Vincent hands over his cash, this is personal.

Beth questions Laura as to the whereabouts of the hooded boy in the picture, when she denies knowing him Vincent snaps and trashes her house. Laura crumbles. The picture is of her brother Darryl who works for her ex Gavin West, the father of her young son, Adam. She claims she doesn't know where he is.

Gillian covertly follows Laura who leads them right to Darryl. Vincent questions him about the attack on Robert, Darryl's not in the mood for a lecture and when West calls he leaves. Vincent follows, clocked by West who takes out his frustrations on Darryl.

With the help of the kids from the estate West shakes Vincent off. Leo calls explaining that he's met with West in town. Vincent knows this is a lie. It's likely the land, minus the centre, is worth a lot of money, and that West and Leo are in cahoots.

The team keep watch outside the centre. Father Frank insists on sleeping inside. While Vincent's team are momentarily distracted, the youths fire bomb the place putting Father Frank in hospital. A petrified Darryl, phones the office asking if the Priest is dead. He's messed things up for Gavin and is now on the run. Vincent has to get to Darryl before Gavin does.

Laura gives Beth Darryl's number. As she leaves Gavin arrives, he snatches Beth's phone and calls Vincent, warning him to back off or he'll hurt Beth: he knows where she lives. Beth, shaken, takes up Vincent's offer and moves in with him for a while.

John gets snaps of Leo meeting suited businessman Nick Earnshaw a Development Consultant working for City Visions. As suspected, all this is about property and the price of the land under the community hall. Laura calls to say that Darryl is in trouble he called her and sobbed down the phone. Vincent tracks him down to a disused swimming pool, but it's too late. Darryl is dead.

At the hospital a shocked Laura is now determined to help Vincent. In return Vincent lets her keep the ring for her escape fund. She acts as a honey trap to Leo, who falls for her, hook, line and sinker, allowing her to accompany him back to his place. Once Leo has passed out, the team get to work, going through his things, until they find a file regarding a housing project St Theresa's place.

When Leo comes round he is forced to tell them the details: the Catholic Church is in negotiations with City Visions, property developers, with regards to a potential complex that could be built on the land that the community centre currently occupies. Father Frank Creswell has had nothing to do with this and doesn't even know that the church that he has so much faith in is as corrupt as the vandals ruining his community centre.

Leo manages to redeem himself by finally meeting West, only this time he is wired and Gavin can't help but brag about his involvement in Darryl's death, showing Leo footage of the murder on his mobile phone. Vincent dives in and gets the better of Gavin, taking the phone as evidence.

Back in the hospital, Father Frank learns the truth about his employers and wonders if he can go on. Vincent convinces him to keep fighting the good fight. Gavin West is sent down, leaving Laura and her son, Adam, to walk free into a better life.