Season 2 Episode 2

Episode Two

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 23, 2006 on ITV

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  • Another excellent episode of Vincent trying to save the world and pay the office expenses as well. Business, family, religion, politics etc. It's all there.

    The central character of this episode Laura Morris (played ably by Liz White) provides a nice thread to the story from the time she picks up Vincent at the bar until the end when she is seen standing with her son Adam with some hope for the future. Anthony Flanagan is convincing as evil incarnate, Gavin West, who has local kids doing his dirty business including the brother of his ex. Who is behind efforts to have the youth centre closed? There is good suspense throughout and a surprise ending when all is revealed. Leo, the local councillor, is portrayed nicely by Charles Dale. Having Frank the priest stay overnight at the centre given the danger is a reach but overall the story hangs together very well. The team provides good support while Vince with his multitude of emotional hang-ups over-reacts but produces results. I don't like violence but it seems to come in at the right time in this episode.
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