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  • the blinding ray winstone is back in a new drama, along with a supporting role for suranne jones of corrie fame and jo absolom of eastenders "ashtray murder" fame.

    Ray Winstone has always been a favourite of mine and so this is why i took the decision to watch this new drama. The programme follows the investigations of Winstone and his PI crew. in the first episode they had been following a suspected adulterer - what we found out in the end was that she had cheated on her husband because he was violent towards her, and what turned from a seemingly straight forward plot line turned into them working out that the husband had in fact tried to kill his wife through his violence. coupled with this we are shown the personal side of winstones character and are informed that he has recently split with his wife. there were some quite sad scenes with winstone strongly depicting the character's sadness at the loss of his wife to another man - this ran in tandom to the main story line of the couple he was investigating.

    S. Jones was excellent in her new role - far from her corrie days and i dont think that she needs to worry about being type cast if she is as good in the rest of the series.

    jo absolom plays a funny, if slightly weird, member of winstone's work force - he seems to keep coming out with these new roles and grows with each one - he too is far from his soap roots.

    Although the episode was an hour and a half long, it flew by. but it took its time to kick in - as anything new does as they obviously need to use the first episode to get a lot of new characters in and set up a bit of their background. Winstone undoubtedly stole the show in this first episode but you cant take away from the other individual performances. i look forward to seeing this programme grow - i know that it already has been comissioned a 2nd series so the producers must be happy with it.