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AIRED ON 4/17/2016

Season 1 : Episode 10

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A period drama set in the 70s that follows the story of Richie Finestra, president of a record label in New York City trying to save his company from bankruptcy just as punk, disco music and hip hop were about to break out.


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    • Reset Expectations

      I think it's pretty clear that the media gave this show prior to its debut seriously way too much buzz, and a lot of people wrongly assumed (myself included) that because of it the production would be stellar since it got hyped out as the brain child of Marty S and Mick J - well, they may have indeed lent their names and vision to be tattooed all across the production, but they certainly did not direct the episodes (save for Marty doing the pilot) let alone really ground the series in the kind of "musically historical lens" that it was supposedly set to provide. Nearly all episodes have different directors, and week to week it definitely showed in the lack of consistency with how the story unfolds.

      All that said, I did enjoy it - albeit the show was not what I thought or hoped it to be. Now at season finale, it seems like there is a questionable future for a Season 2, even though HBO stated it would be renewed for another season the very night it launched.

      I hope that there will be some re-thinking on the writing, and definitely more boldness from the directors chair(s), especially if they mean to have a following of the kind that an era like this is music would logically garner. If it's just going to be another soap-ala-HBO with some backdrop of the times for good measure, can't see the point of sticking with it another season. But I will wait it out to see what unfolds first/second show next round - if there is one.moreless
    • Not always accurate; always entertaining.

      I've been a loyal fan of almost anything HBO endorses for the past few decades. They have a vested interest in bringing us that raw, unadulterated no filter approach to programming that we all have come to know them for. Vinyl has reached past the status quo, and brought viewers into the world of the great American record labels, while still finding time to spotlight the gritty lifestyles of some of the most successful names in Rock and Roll. I'm ecstatic to feel like an insider while watching, all the while knowing that we're experiencing a slightly condensed version of reality, from one point of view. Although the story line is loosely based around American Century Record Label Pioneer Ritchie Finestra, the show waivers back and forth between his personal struggles and the drama with co-workers and music stars that surround him. I have yet to catch up to episode four and each time an episode ends, I'm tempted to watch another. VInyl's misrepresentation of some of the facts leaves us wondering if things really went own that way and makes us question it's validity on more than one occasion. However, the show is definitely entertaining and I believe It will continue to bring the heat throughout the rest of season one. I would recommend this show to anyone who loves music, entertainment or a slice of the gritty underworld that New York was in the 1970's.moreless
    • Sex, drugs & R'n'Roll!

      Some of you might have tried this series and got discouraged after the pilot. Unfortunately, the pilot was too long and the plot wasn't well constructed which lead to people get confused.

      But give the series a chance - I did mostly for great music, but also because of the cast.

      There is/are interesting plots for different characters, there is good music (not only rock, but also blues or what seems to be the beginning of punk) and Bobby Cannavale does a fantastic job. + that retro vibe. So far - really good!moreless

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