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While working on a hot-dog stand with her friend Maxine, Vallery Irons meets a celebrity Brad Cliff who invites her to the premiere of his new movie. When on the premiere Vallery saves Cliff from a crazy fan that wanted to kill him, to save his fame, Cliff says that Vallery is his personal bodyguard which she, of course, isn't. Soon her face appears on all the headlines of magazines. In the meantime, a group of professional bodyguards needs a famous face for their new agency, so they make Vallery join them and call their agency V.I.P. They promise Vallery a glamorous life without danger which really becomes glamorous, but as a head of a bodyguard team, Vallery's every day is a danger. Meet the crew: Vallery Irons (Pamela Anderson) is a young and beautiful lady which enjoys life full of glamour and fame filled with style & fashion and has no idea how hard it is to be a bodyguard until she joins the crew and always gets into danger althrough the crew promised her that she'll not. Quick Williams (Shaun Baker) is an expert in fighintg skills and weapons; he is funny, a strong character; and if Vallery is in trouble he is always there to help her. Althrough he is an ex-boxer, he likes Armani suits and fast cars. Tasha Dexter (Molly Culver) is an ex-spy and model; she is very dangerous and competent; she could be called a female James Bond; she if often jealous on Vallery who always takes credit for whjat Tasha did. Nikki Franco (Natalie Raitano) is an expert for weapons and explosives; she has a tricky family which she oftenly has to save; he is an ex-marine cope and likes to blow stuffs up in the air. Kay Simmons (Leah Lail) is an expert for computers who has to take over the organization of the team; she lusts for a life like Vallery's and does not realizes who beautiful she is. Maxine de la Cruz (Angelle Simmons) is Vallery's best friend and roomate which moves into Vallery's apartment when Vallery joins the team. Johnny Loh (Dustin Nguyen) is an actor and stuntman which runawayed from russian mob and came to Los Angeles; he is energic and charismatic and knows a lot of fighting skills. The show was nominated for Emmy award in season 1998-1999, for best theme song. The producers of the show are J.F. Lawton who is also a creator of the show, Morgan Gendel and Pamela Anderson. The show is being distributed by Columbia TriStar International Television. Althrough the exact adress of the show is not know, the story of the show is playing in the most exticing places of Los Angeles (Rodeo Drive, Melrose Avenue and Santa Monica's Third Street Promenade; Hollywood, Sunset and Wilshire Street; the Hollwood Bowl stadioon, Union Station, Santa Monica Pier; Venice and Malibu Beaches and other resorts). The show lasted for 4 seasons and 88 episodes. The series won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Single Camera Editing.


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90s, Cult, Crime, campy, steamy situations