Season 1 Episode 3

Bloody Val-entine

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Oct 10, 1998 on



  • Trivia

    • NITPICK: How does The Owl get to Val's penthouse apartment so fast? One minute he's turning off the power from the basement and the next he's in her apartment. Not even an elevator is that fast.

    • NITPICK: When The Owl grabs Nikki from behind he's already out of Quick's clothes and has into his own. How did he get changed so fast and where was he hiding his own clothes?

    • GOOF: When Nikki finds the mask that The Owl was wearing to impersonate Quick you can see that the mask has longer hair than Quick does.

    • NITPICKS: When the real Quick comes out of the restaurant he notices that Nikki is gone which means that the Quick that left with Nikki was the impersonator, but how did the impersonator know exactly where Quick was going to be, what he would be wearing (he could have changed clothes) and that he'd have a suitcase with money inside with him?

    • GOOF: When "Quick" comes out of the restaurant you can see a sun painted on the wall next to Nikki's car but when the real Quick comes out you can now see that the sun has a face painted on it along with something written above it.

    • GOOF: When "Quick" comes out of the restaurant Nikki's car is facing the opposite direction it was originally facing when they first arrived.

    • GOOF: When Quick and Nikki go to see their street contacts they go in Nikki's car. From a far away view you can see a white woman in the passenger seat but when they close-up on the vehicle you can now see Quick in the passenger seat.

    • GOOF: The mask that Quick finds that was left behind by Ian's impersonator looks nothing like Ian Ziering, it didn't even have movable lips. You'd think they'd make the mask look more realistic because the one Quick found is just plain.

    • GOOF: When Quick is chasing after Ian Ziering, Ian pushes someone off their bike and takes it to make his escape. If you look carefully when Ian pushes the guy off the bike you'll notice that it's no longer Ian Ziering.

    • NITPICK: Where could Ian Ziering have possibly hidden the mask he uses on Kay to make her pass out when they're alone in her truck?

    • GOOF: After Kay finishes talking to Ian Ziering on the phone Tasha asks her what he wanted and Kay says "Oh. Right. He says he's afraid to go home, wants us to meet him in Palisades Park. Needs our help, he's pretty sure his life is in danger." but if you listen carefully Ian says that he needs a bodyguard, to which Kay replies "That sounds awful", and he asks if they can meet tomorrow. No mention is made of his being afraid to go home or his life being in danger or even a location for their meeting.

    • GOOF: The one and only kiss that "Tito Osmond" gives Val is not the same one that is shown on the cover of the "National Inquisitor" that everyone at V.I.P. is seen reading.

    • GOOF: During the teaser check out the lips of the guy claiming to be Tito Osmond, his lips don't match his dialogue.

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