Season 3 Episode 3

For Val's Eyes Only

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Oct 21, 2000 on
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For Val's Eyes Only
When Nikki, Val and Tasha stumble upon an attempted bank robbery Nikki discovers that the group leader is the same man that killed her father 10 years ago.

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    • TRIVIA (17)

      • GOOF: When Nikki is fighting Merrick Val takes four polaroids to temporarily blind him and give Nikki an upper hand but later at Foam Val shows Quick, Tasha, Kay and Johnny considerably more than four polaroids from the fight.

      • GOOF: The bomb blows up 42 seconds early.

      • GOOF: When Nikki is fighting with Merrick she gives him a roundhouse kick. If you look carefully or freeze-frame it as she gives him the kick you'll see that it's not her but a double.

      • GOOF: When Nikki asks Kay when the Civic Auditorium was built Kay goes to her desk to check on the computer. On her desk is a picture frame that is at a 45 degree angle but when we see it again a few moments later it's now at a 180 degree angle.

      • GOOF: When a woman comes in and hands Harris an envelope he takes it and she walks away, about to pass through the door. Quick turns around to check her out and she should be going through the open doorway by that point but she hasn't even reached the door yet.

      • When Val is driving with Nikki she tells her that she's going plenty fast and Nikki can tell that she's only going 46 mph by sticking her hand out the window.

      • GOOF: When Quick goes to see Judson you can see that it's not really Quick that's driving but a double.

      • NITPICK: When Johnny returns to V.I.P. headquarters with Nikki after she's been blinded by the flash powder she's wearing black glasses to protect her eyes. Johnny tells Quick and Kay that the doctor told her that she should take it easy and Quick says that it doesn't look like she has much of a choice. Out of anger she reaches for Kay, mistaking her for Quick, but when she reaches for Kay we see Kay from Nikki's point of view and although her vision isn't 100% it's good enough to be able to distinguish Kay from Quick.

      • GOOF: When Nikki and Johnny are at Nikki's father's grave Merrick shoots at Nikki but misses because Johnny saw the target on the tombstone, grabbed Nikki and dove to the ground on their right then they get halfway up and in the next shot they're back on the ground but this time they're on the left.

      • GOOF: Three dates are given as the day that Nikki's father was killed. The first one is given on a news report of the event (June 1st, 1990), the second one is on Nikki's file (July 7th, 1990) and the third one on his tombstone (April 29th, 1990).

      • GOOF: When Kay and Tasha are looking at footage from the robbery and Val walks in she's wearing a tight pink top, no bra and a pink feather boa but in the same scene when Tasha dusts Val for Merrick's fingerprints she's now wearing a different top, a bra and a totally different kind of boa.

      • NITPICK: When Val tells Tasha that Merrick smelled weird Tasha makes her smell a Kevlar vest and Val identifies it as the odor coming from Merrick but Merrick wasn't wearing a Kevlar vest.

      • GOOF: In the following scene at Merrick's hideout there is eight stacks of money but in the next shot of the money there's only six.

      • GOOFS: After the opening credits Kay sits next to Nikki at V.I.P. headquarters and next to a laptop is a pair of glasses with round frames. Then Quick comes in and Kay gets on the laptop and now she's wearing the glasses but the glasses she's wearing have a rectangular frame not a round one.

        In the same scene the laptop is closed but a few seconds later it's open and Kay has already hacked into the LAPD's database and found out that in the last ten years the LAPD have encountered teflon jacketed bullets in 138 cases.

      • GOOF: In the same scene we see the blown up van to the left of Val, Tasha and Nikki and a bit behind the van is a police car with its doors closed and no one in or out of it but in the bank door's reflection we now see that one of the doors are open and there are two police officers standing next to it.

      • GOOF: When Val shoots the van with a bazooka we see one of it's tires roll by Val on fire but when they let the people out of the bank we see that all four tires are still on the van.

      • NITPICK: When Merrick's men are shooting at the police their bullets bounce off a police car, even the windows, but upon firing at it again the bullets now shatter the glass and pierce through the rest of the car. The car is apparently not bulletproof yet how could it have gone undamaged with the first shots?

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