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  • Pamela Anderson as a private detective. What more do I need to say? Actually, the "as a private detective" part wasn't even necessary. So. Pamela Anderson.

    Guilty pleasure about sums it up. Why do people always laugh at me when I tell them I used to watch, and enjoy, this show? Because they think Pamela Anderson has no acting skills?

    Alright, you might be correct. But why does she need acting skills when her.. other assets are far from distasteful? I admit that I when I first started watching this show I did it purely for the eye candy, and I was never disappointed. But as I started watching more and more episodes I actually started to enjoy the show for its content.

    Alright, it's not amazing, but why do you need amazing when decent is good enough? The concept itself really isn't all that original, but it was such a pleasure to look at. Turn the brains off and open your eyes wide as you absorb the colourful world of V.I.P. And no, my eyes did not limit themselves to the glories of the main actress, but to the design of everything, from the wallpaper, to the clothing, to the clouds.

    My guilty pleasure that shouldn't be guilty at all.