V.I.P. - Season 2

(ended 2002)


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  • Ride of the Valkyries
    Val's father returns and he's being targeted by a group of high tech terrorists. Val discovers that he's her father and she brings him to her penthouse where they discover that the terrorists are outside so they leave posing as decoys. Two of the terrorists enter the penthouse thinking that Val and her dad are still in there but are treated to a bomb; the bomb blows up destroying the penthouse.moreless
  • Lights, Camera, Val
    Lights, Camera, Val
    Episode 21
    V.I.P. must protect a director from investors when they send an assassin to kill him for not paying them the 3 million dollars he owes them.
  • Franco In Love
    Franco In Love
    Episode 20
    Don Franco is shot so he puts Nikki in charge of the family while he recuperates. Nikki thinks that Mrs. Scarnavaco is out to kill the Don when she poses as a doctor to gain access to his room in the hospital but it turns out that ever since her husband, Tony, Sr., died she's been having an affair with the Don.moreless
  • Val Point Blank
    Val Point Blank
    Episode 19

    Val's high school reunion is taken over by terrorists and the only who can help is Johnny since Val took him as her date because Quick, Tasha and Nikki are off on Navy SEALs training. Luckily Kay sees a special report on television about the whole thing and gets a hold of V.I.P. in time and they rush off to help Val and the rest of the hostages.

  • Val's On First
    Val's On First
    Episode 18
    V.I.P. must protect an oversexed baseball player from a gangster who lost a bet he made in the past on him.
  • Third Eye Blond
    Third Eye Blond
    Episode 17
    V.I.P. must protect a psychic to the stars when he finds a dead body and the killer puts a hit on him.
  • Hard Val's Night
    Hard Val's Night
    Episode 16

    The rock band Lit hires V.I.P. to protect them from a gang of thieves after a lucky belt buckle, which contains a secret code encrypted in it.

  • Vallery's Secret
    Vallery's Secret
    Episode 15
    Cleo Robbins, owner of Cleo's Passions, hires Val to model her new Vallery Irons Undercover line of lingerie but soon needs V.I.P. on a more professional basis when she receives a death threat. The death threat comes from an investor in her company who's been caught making a illegal transaction on tape. Val feels more powerful and assertive while wearing Cleo's clothes.moreless
  • New Val'd Order
    New Val'd Order
    Episode 14

    V.I.P. go undercover as models in a Hawaiian Tropic contest to discover why some models go missing. What they discover is that the best models are being trained to being fighters like seen in the movie Fight Club. Johnny becomes a member of V.I.P.

  • All You Need is Val
    All You Need is Val
    Episode 13
    V.I.P. split up into two teams when Tasha is tired of doing charity events. She gets V.I.P. a job body guarding Cora DeFarge of DeFarge Industries but Val and Kay have already signed on to protect Paul McCartney from a bomb threat at a PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) benefit concert. Val and Kay refuse to drop the PETA gig especially when they find out that DeFarge Industries is on PETA's list of companies to boycott. V.I.P. discover a warehouse owned by Cora DeFarge, which contains military issued weapons with the serial numbers, filed off, gold bars and monkey paws. When they return an hour later with Grispy the warehouse has been cleared of the aforementioned items and refilled with medical supplies. Tasha discovers that Cora is behind the bomb threat at the PETA benefit concert and V.I.P. become one again to eliminate Cora DeFarge.moreless
  • Analyse Val
    Analyse Val
    Episode 12
    V.I.P. must protect the vice-president's analyst the Squires Of Liberty, a militia group that is trying to kidnap him, while at the same time trying to keep the peace within the group.
  • Dangerous Beauty
    Dangerous Beauty
    Episode 11
    Art thieves are using a young artist to smuggle paintings. What they did was take pieces of art, put something on the canvas to make it look blank and have Bobby Xero, the artist, paint it. Then they'd put them up for sale at an art show, buy them, rid it of Bobby's work and resell it for much more money. Val however ruined their plans when she spilled some turpentine on one of the canvases exposing the art underneath. Now V.I.P. must regain the painting and rescue Val and Bobby Xero from the smugglers who threatened to kill them for discovering their scheme.moreless
  • Why Too Kay?
    Why Too Kay?
    Episode 10
    The Millennium Militia is planning to destroy the city on the millennium with the help of a teenage computer genius they get V.I.P. to kidnap posing as the boy's parents.
  • Mao Better Blues
    Mao Better Blues
    Episode 9
    V.I.P. must protect a Chinese artifact from the Cho Dynasty while at the same time try and save a Chinese freedom fighter.
  • Val Goes To Town
    Val Goes To Town
    Episode 8
    V.I.P.'s arch nemesis The Prophet is back and this time he's working with a terrorist organization and a crooked politician trying to extort millions from the city. In hopes of accomplishing this he gets V.I.P. shut down and Tasha thrown in jail. But in the end The Prophet is defeated and V.I.P. is reinstated.moreless
  • Stop or Val's Mom Will Shoot
    Val's mom comes to L.A. on business and is threatened and chased by two men after the computer program she is scheduled to deliver to the L.A. branch of her firm.
  • Valma and Louise
    Valma and Louise
    Episode 6
    Jay Leno hires Val and Tasha to drive a car his dead aunt left him in her will to an auction in Sacramento. Along the way they pick up a hitchhiker who ends up being a wanted felon, the car gets stolen but they retrieve it, Tasha is suspected of kidnapping Val and the car is totaled but Jay doesn't seem to mind.moreless
  • Quick and the Dead
    Quick and the Dead
    Episode 5
    Someone has stolen Quick's identity and is ruining his reputation. Quick, tired of spending time in jail for crimes he didn't commit goes out to find the man ruining his good name.
  • Dr. StrangeVal
    Dr. StrangeVal
    Episode 4
    Maxine's new invention is mistakenly believed to be a nuclear weapon by Ukrainian spies.
  • Ransom of Red Val
    Ransom of Red Val
    Episode 3
    Val is kidnapped when she is mistaken for a temperamental diva V.I.P. is protecting. When the kidnappers discover their mistake they try to kill her.
  • Big Top Val
    Big Top Val
    Episode 2
    V.I.P. are hired to baby-sit a millionaire's daughter. They take her to the circus where they run into trouble when they run into two guys from Nikki's past. Tommy Wipp and Tino Scarlatti had faked their deaths after ratting out Don Franco to the feds now they're back and selling guns.moreless
  • Return of The Owl
    Return of The Owl
    Episode 1
    Tasha goes to meet a man but he shows up dead. She checks his pockets and finds a microchip in a little plastic bag. Kay cracks it open to discover that it's in Russian. According to Tasha it's a list of Tregoran sleeper spies. Tregoran was a scientist who would brainwash ordinary people and turn them into unwilling assassins who could be activated by a codeword or phrase.moreless
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