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  • Season 4 Episode 19: Sunshine Girls

  • NITPICK: Val wonders if Kay ever downloaded her brain onto a computer like Lawnmower Man but when you put something onto a computer it's called uploading not downloading.

  • NITPICK: When Val awakes "forty years later" her hair is styled. What difference should it make what her hair looks like if she's in a coma?

  • NITPICK: When Val and Tasha awake "forty years later" Tasha is wearing a hospital gown but Val is wearing lingerie, jewelery and high heels. Shouldn't they both be wearing hospital gowns or their own clothes?

  • TRIVIA: When Val and Tasha awake "forty years later" only Tasha has aged.

  • GOOF: The rope that Val and Tasha are tied together with in the teaser keeps changing places depending on the angle. When we see both Val and Tasha the rope is around their stomachs but when we see a close-up on Val the rope is just above her breasts.

  • Season 4 Episode 18: Miss Con-Jeanie-Ality

  • GOOF: When Val is about to do her trampoline act dressed up as a ballerina she raises her leg behind her and we see that she's wearing a pair of white high heels. However when she's jumping on the trampoline you can clearly see that she's wearing a pair of white running shoes and when she jumps on the giant banana she's wearing her white high heels again.

  • Season 4 Episode 17: Kiss The Val

  • GOOF: When Nikki barges in on the members of the parole board she grabs Carl Merrick's file from one of them and slams it down on the table in front of the first member of the parole board but in the next shot the file is in front of the third member of the parole board.

  • Season 3 Episode 22: Val's Big Bang

  • GOOF: When Val, Nikki and Johnny arrive at the excavation site Val says "And I also brought extra tofu because I hear they eat a lot of baby cows here." but if you watch the episode with the closed captioning on you'll notice that when she says this the captioning reads "And I brought my bullwhip and snake repellant." instead.

  • Season 3 Episode 21: It's Val's Wonderful Life

  • NITPICK: When Val explains how she survived she says that she was thrown from the boat but if you look at the boat explosion scene you won't see Val being thrown from boat before or after it explodes.

  • GOOF: When Val surprises Tasha and Quick at the fair you'll notice that it's not really Val for the far away shots.

  • NITPICKS: Shouldn't Kay have given each member of V.I.P. a copy of "The Good Old Days" instead of just telling them it was on her computer? How would they be able to contact each other if the file was only on Kay's computer? Also, shouldn't they already know each other's phone numbers by heart?

  • NITPICK: Why is it that the members of V.I.P. all have different area code numbers? Shouldn't they all have the same if they live in the same area?

  • NITPICK: When Val finds Kay's file titled "The Good Old Days" there's a phone number for every member of V.I.P. that Kay included in case they ever want to get together for a reunion but why is Val's phone number given if they think she's dead?

  • NITPICK: When Val sees Tasha's message she looks on the Kay's computer for their phone numbers but since she regained her memory shouldn't she know their phone numbers?

  • NITPICK: Before leaving to avenge Val's death Tasha leaves a message on Kay's computer that says "Kay, I finally realize what you already knew. Val never gave up...on life, on joy, even on me." then she and Quick leave but when Val comes back to V.I.P. there's a second message from Tasha now that reads "Kay, we've gone to avenge Val's death.".

  • NITPICK: When Quick is opening Val's mail he opens a package that is from Kozoll with his address given as 299 Ocean Ave. but according to "Survi-Val" that's Val's home address.

  • GOOF: When Tasha returns from McDonald's she only has two bags in her hands. Then we see a McDonald's drink on the desk but they don't put the drinks in a bag at McDonald's, they give them to you separately to avoid spilling.

  • GOOF: When Maxine brings Val's mail to V.I.P. she puts it on the left side of Kay's desk but when Kay sits down the mail is now on the right side of Kay's desk.

  • GOOF: When Nikki, Tasha and Quick get a job parking cars you can see that it's not really Nikki driving.

  • GOOF: Just before Kozoll blows up the boat you see the three men that were on board jump off the boat and hit the water but just as he blows it up you see them jump out again.

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