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Viper was a new show by NBC in 1994. The show was pulled off the air for a year for re-tooling/re-casting. The only original cast member to remain in all four seasons of the show was Joe Nipote as Frankie "X" Waters. The First Season included James McCaffrey, Dorian Harewood and Joe Nipote. When the series returned in 1996, Joe Nipote was the only original cast member remaining. Dorian Harewoood - Julian Wilkes (Designer) James McCaffrey - Joe Astor (Driver) Joe Nipote - Frankie "X" Waters (Mechanic/Mole in MetroPol) The Second Season brought on board Jeff Kaake, Heather Medway and Dawn Stern. Dawn Stern did not return for year three. This season also introduced J. Downing as a recurring character. Jeff Kaake - Thomas Cole (Driver) Heather Medway - Cameron Westlake (Metropol Liason) Dawn Stern - Allie Farrow (Systems Specialist) Joe Nipote - Frankie "X" Waters (Mechanic) The Third Season brings J. Downing as a full time cast member. Jeff Kaake - Thomas Cole (Driver) Heather Medway - Cameron Westlake (Metropol Liason)
Joe Nipote - Frankie "X" Waters (Mechanic)
J. Downing - Special Agent Catlett (Project Overseer)
The Fourth Season brought a new change in the cast. Jeff Kaake leaves the show and James McCaffrey returns as Joe Astor. James McCaffrey - Joe Astor (Driver) Heather Medway - Cameron Westlake (Metropol Liason) Joe Nipote - Frankie "X" Waters (Mechanic) J. Downing - Special Agent Catlett (Project Overseer) Pictured (Top Left - Season 2: Joe Nipote, Jeff Kaake, Heather Medway and Dawn Stern) (Top Right - Season 3: Heather Medway, Jeff Kaake and Joe Nipote) (Bottom - Season 4: J. Downing, Joe Nipote, Heather Medway, and James McCaffrey) Seson 1 Opening: The day after tomorrow. A time when criminals rule the city. The only weapon that can stop them, needs a driver. "A man without a memory can be supplied with one. With a little cosmetic fine-tuning, he'll be our driver." Commisioner Strand "Let's Initiate Changeover"Julian Wilkes "Three...Two...One! Activate!"Joe Astor The most wanted man on wheels is about to change sides. Now, Against a corrupt system... A lone fight for justice. VIPER is taking back the streets! Season 2 Opening: It Prowls the streets in the Pursuit of Justice. It's Origins are Secret. It's Technology, 21st Century. It's Existance, Officially Dissavowed. It's presence, Undeniable. The perfect Weapon for an imperfect Future! VIPER!


    Stern becomes Nobody

  • James McCaffrey

    James McCaffrey

    Joe Astor/ Michael Payton

    Jeff Kaake

    Jeff Kaake

    Thomas Cole

    Heather Medway

    Heather Medway

    Cameron Westlake

    Joe Nipote

    Joe Nipote

    Franklin "Frankie" X. Waters

    Dorian Harewood

    Dorian Harewood

    Julian Wilkes

    Dawn Stern

    Dawn Stern

    Allie Farrow

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    • Just watched first season.

    • Viper I thought was awsome

      I would buy all 4 seasons of Viper I watch what I can on youtube. I would like this show to be on DVD. I would also Like to see Viper comeback to tv and continue like knight Rider even though it took Knight Rider 25 years to come backit was awsome to.
    • knight rider re-make

      yes, this was a knight rider re make. but it was way better. i remember watching it on nbc when it first came out. i thought it was a pretty cool show, but it got cancelled. then it came back in syndication, it was still a cool show. it lasted longer than i thought it would.
    • Not very bad...

      In the day after tomorrow, the Metrocity became the playground of the criminals. Against that threat, Engineer Julian Wilks created the ultimate police pursuit machine, a Dodge Viper which could morph into a vehicle called 'Defender'. One thing was missing...The driver which could handle Defender's enormous skills. The best driver of the bad guys, Michael Payton, had an accident. He was recovered from death by MetroCity Police, his criminal identity was erased and he became Joseph 'Joe' Astor, a policeman, expert for pursuit. Good Show! Great Effects and good character development! Really nice series were these! Bad to canceled them!moreless
    • Pretty superficial stuff, but...

      ...both the car (loved that red viper) and Jeff Kaake as Tom Cole in the resurrected 1996 version of the show, were hot...even in pre-Paris Hilton terms!

      We're not talking Emmy award winning stories or performances for that matter, but I ask you honestly; if you had a hot car that could become even hotter as the Defender AND you had Jeff Kaake to drive it (or pretend to), wouldn't you watch?!

      My husband, who is a car freak, was amazed that I knew about the car too, and anytime a girl can score POST marriage points like THAT, well she damn sure better take the opportunity!

      So now who's superficial?...moreless

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