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Season 1 Episode 12

Crown of Thorns

Aired Unknown Apr 01, 1994 on NBC
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Episode Summary

Crown of Thorns
Katya, a foreign dignitary visits the United States and is targeted by an assassin who previously killed her father. Frankie becomes infatuated with Fatima, one of Katya's attendants, as does Joe with Katya.

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    Cela Wise

    Cela Wise


    Guest Star

    Vladimir Skomarovsky

    Vladimir Skomarovsky

    Moro Sarat

    Guest Star

    Stephen Macht

    Stephen Macht

    Alan Reece

    Guest Star

    Lee Chamberlin

    Lee Chamberlin

    Commander Delia Thorne

    Recurring Role

    Fay Hauser

    Fay Hauser

    Mara Wilkes

    Recurring Role

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      • Katya: Let me out of the car.
        Joe: Wouldn't be a good idea at fifty miles an hour.

      • Katya: Why am I am explaining myself to you? You're my driver, not my nanny.
        Joe: Just doing my job. Believe me, if I were your nanny, I'd send you to bed without your supper.

      • Joe: What am I supposed to call you anyway? Your Excellence? Your Highness?
        Katya: I haven't taken my father's office. I have no title, yet.
        Joe: How about 'Your Nothingness'?

      • Katya: You work and you cook your own meals? This isn't the America I expected.
        Mara: That makes two of us!

      • Frankie: Franklin X. Waters, ma'am, at your service. I'll be your driver.
        Fatima: What is the X for?
        Frankie: Extremely available.

      • Katya: Let me buy it for you, a gift for your hospitality and something for the children too.
        Mara: I couldn't let you do that.
        Katya: Oh I insist. I was rude to you last night. In Carpacia, a gift is always sent as an apology.
        Mara: Really?
        Katya: No. But a custom must start somewhere.

      • Katya: Even after my mother died and I was my father's only family; my father kept me away from politics and himself. He loved me, of course, but we were never close. Now and then he had me stand beside him and behave presidentially. I found it difficult to mourn the man I barely knew and now I'm suddenly expected to die for principals he never taught me.
        Joe: You're not expected to die.
        Katya: Then worse yet, I'm expected to live, to be like him. I am not my father. I can never become him, however much other people may desire it.

      • Joe: What do you want, Katya?
        Katya: I want a normal life. I never asked for these responsibilities.
        Joe: Believe me, I know the feeling.

      • Joe: My name used to be Michael Payton, I was a criminal. Something happened and it gave me a chance to turn things around. I was able to help people who needed help. I never asked for these responsibilities.
        Katya: Why didn't you refuse?
        Joe: I was in the wrong place at the right time. I think you were too.
        Katya: You sound as if you believe in fate.
        Joe: I just believe there's some things you can't turn away from.

      • Joe: This probably isn't a good idea.
        Katya: Why not?
        Joe: Because you are who you are and I'm just....
        Katya: All the more reason, Joe.
        Joe: First names aside, I'm still just your driver.
        Katya: You're fired. (they move in for a kiss)

      • Katya: (looking at the ocean) It's so beautiful here, it's like standing on the edge of the world.

      • Katya: My grandparents' marriage was arranged by their families. They never even met until just before their wedding. It's no longer that way. Perhaps it was simpler when one didn't have to make such a difficult choice.

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