Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Unknown Jan 28, 1994 on NBC
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The Outfit kidnaps Julian with the intent to force him into upgrading an urban assault vehicle that will destroy the Viper and Joe.

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    Peter Keleghan

    Peter Keleghan

    Arnie Nevelson

    Guest Star

    Wendie Malick

    Wendie Malick

    Iris Nevelson

    Guest Star

    Richard Burgi

    Richard Burgi

    Lane Cassidy

    Guest Star

    Fay Hauser

    Fay Hauser

    Mara Wilkes

    Recurring Role

    Lee Chamberlin

    Lee Chamberlin

    Commander Delia Thorne

    Recurring Role

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      • Wilkes: Figures, I send you out on a simple performance test and you find a crime. Hijacking tonight, armed robbery two days ago.
        Joe: Can I help it if I can't turn a corner without running into trouble?

      • Joe: Why Detroit hasn't beaten a path to your door, I'll never know.
        Wilkes: I'm not much of a company man, so here I am, paired up with a vigilante.
        Joe: Ah, but think of the job security.

      • Wilkes: You, you got the Outift and the cops on your tail. How about a front of your own?
        Joe: I was Michael Payton, now I'm Joe Astor. Last thing I need is a third identity to confuse things!

      • Joe: If you want out, I understand.
        Wilkes: Somebody's gotta take a stand, try to make things better. Besides, without me, you'd have the Viper wrapped around a lightpost within ten minutes! I'd have to kill you myself.

      • Mara: You seem uneasy tonight, something bothering you?
        Joe: No, it's just you've got a great family. I can't even remember mine, let alone whether we were happy. What if I have kids?
        Mara: (she inspects his face) I don't think so. No worry lines!

      • Frankie: Filling out forms in long-hand makes me feel like a genuine primitive.(to Ronnie) No comments, you!

      • Delia: After I quit Metropol, I was approached by a group of citizens concerned with the Outfit's influence in the state. Now their identities are kept secret, but they call themselves the Consortium.
        Joe: Sounds like a department store.

      • (Joe is asked to join the Consortium)
        Joe: You know I don't respond well to authority and neither does Julian.
        Delia: But we don't want you under our authority, you can always refuse to help us. We're fighting the same enemies, Joe, for the same goal.

      • Joe: (about the Outfit) So what'd they offer you, money, power, prestige?
        Wilkes: Yeah, yeah, tons.
        Joe: Well all I got is three women waiting for ya.
        Wilkes: I'll take that deal!

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