Season 3 Episode 8

First Mob Wives' Club

Aired Unknown Nov 11, 1997 on NBC



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    • Kenny: I only know what I hear on the news, and according to them, the bomb was amateur night. McCan's people never had any pride in their work.
      Cameron: Not like you, Kenny. From what I hear, you can blow a guy's legs off before he know what hit him.
      Kenny: I'm flattered.

    • Kenny: You wanna go into the trunk of your car?
      Frankie: Do I get air holes?
      Kenny: Yeah, in your head!

    • (someone needs to go undercover at a spa frequented by mobsters' wives)
      Catlett: Well, just leaves you, Cole, and from what I've heard, you're pretty effective at getting girls to open up to you.
      Cole: Yeah, well, they're usually not married to men who kill each other!
      Frankie: Yeah, that would put a crimp in things.

    • Loretta: (about an undercover Cole) He's got a brain and he's very sensitive.
      Gina: Yeah, but do you buy the celibacy thing? Maybe he's just gay.
      Loretta: If he's gay, I'm Captain Kangaroo!

    • Cameron: (to Cole, about Loretta) You're not getting attached to this girl, are you?
      Frankie: Westlake, you try massaging a naked woman for days on end, see if you don't become a little attached! Well, for you, it'd be a naked man.
      Cameron: Frankie, you're not helping.
      Frankie: I'm not?
      Cole: Not in the least.

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