Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Unknown Jan 14, 1994 on NBC
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The Outfit breaks Michael Payton's former partner, Alec Conner, out of prison in the hopes that Alec will be able to help them find Joe and the Viper.

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    Jason Carter

    Jason Carter

    Alec Connor

    Guest Star

    Richard Burgi

    Richard Burgi

    Lane Cassidy

    Guest Star

    Charlie Spradling

    Charlie Spradling


    Guest Star

    Fay Hauser

    Fay Hauser

    Mara Wilkes

    Recurring Role

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      • Joe: You think the Commander's going to notice a missing wrench?
        Frankie: Can I tell you something, Joe? I am a man who takes pride in my work. I refuse to undergo an inspection with an incomplete tool kit!

      • Frankie: I got some news.
        Joe: I'm listening.
        Frankie: You may want to have a seat.
        Joe: (exasperated) Frankie....
        Frankie: Or stand if you like.

      • Wilkes: Dr. Kelso told me you were two hours late for work this morning. She said its the second time this week.
        Anna: I'm sorry.
        Wilkes: She's concerned about what's going on here.
        Anna: What's going on is that I'm in love. I haven't been this happy in a long time.
        Wilkes: Well, that's great. But how happy will you be if you're fired? Look, in the time you've been here, I've seen the way the patients respond to you. It's hard for them to open up but you seem to have this gift. I'd hate to lose you, Anna, we all would.

      • Wilkes: There's another reason that you have to keep this job, you know. If you have any hope of ever gaining custody of your son...
        Anna: It's been two years since Sam was taken from me. He probably doesn't even remember who I am. Besides, saving for a lawyer when I'm making six bucks an hour is a joke.
        Wilkes: But the most important thing is that you demonstrate that you've straightened up your life, that you can hold down a job.
        Anna: Why should I have to fight so hard to get my son back?
        Wilkes: You can win any fight if you keep trying.

      • Wilkes: Could have been anybody, maybe I cut the guy off in traffic.
        Joe: Oh and that gives him a right to run you off the road?
        Wilkes: Some people get killed for less.

      • Anna: Whatever trouble there is between you and Alec, it's over.
        Joe: Wrong! Because I know him. A lifetime ago, I had to fight not to become him. So whoever or whatever he says he is, it's a lie. You figure that out, you may need help.

      • Joe: (about Elizabeth) She was the only woman I ever loved.
        Anna: I can tell she meant a lot to you.
        Joe: Yeah, she helped me find out who I am. You ever know someone like that?
        Anna: No, I was never that lucky.

      • Joe: (about Anna betraying them) I should have just followed my instincts and said 'no' to her last night.
        Wilkes: Hey, you were a guy who just told me about her good heart, remember?
        Joe: And you were the guy that thought Connor dating your friend was just an unlucky coincidence!
        Wilkes: Okay, okay, so we both blew it.

      • Wilkes: The Viper should be safe in the garage of Frankie's apartment, at least for a few days.
        Joe: Frankie's waiting with open arms.
        Wilkes: That's frightening.

      • (Connor holds Wilkes' family hostage to force him to share the location of the Viper)
        Connor: We're going into the baby's room while you make your decision. In five minutes, you'll hear a cry of pain from your wife as I break her little finger and after that...
        Wilkes: Connor, if you hurt anyone, I'll kill you, I swear I will!
        Connor: No, you won't. You're not the killing kind.

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