Season 1 Episode 6

Mind Games

Aired Unknown Feb 11, 1994 on NBC



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    • Sally: Who are you?
      Joe: I often ask myself the same question.

    • Wilkes: (about Sally) That detective was quite a piece of work.
      Joe: Yep, not a bad driver either.
      Wilkes: Yeah, almost as good as you.
      Joe: Like hell!

    • Flager: Our buyer understands that risk equals profit, Johnson.
      Johnson: Well they'd better, I'm giving up eighteen years of distinguished service here.
      Flager: You can't feed your family on shiny medals and honorarium.

    • Wilkes: (visiting Frankie in hospital) How you feeling, man?
      Frankie: I got a headache, a neck ache, a backache, my knee hurts, I'm dizzy and look at this, look at what they got me wearing!

    • Frankie: Somebody tried to kill me? Who would do a thing like that?
      Wilkes: We were hoping you'd help us out with that one.
      Frankie: But everybody loves me!

    • Joe: You don't trust me.
      Sally: No offense, Joe, but you were a criminal in your past life, you drive a stolen vehicle which you maintain with no visible means of income. What's there to trust?
      Joe: Yeah well I'm not a criminal any more. Figured I have a debt to pay for my past.
      Sally: Oh and if you hadn't rescued the Viper it would be out rusting in some junkyard.
      Joe: That's right and with that car I know I can make a difference.
      Sally: Oh, cue the violin music!

    • Joe: Thought you didn't trust me?
      Sally: I don't. But some of my fellow cops can be bought and I don't think you can.
      Joe: That a compliment?
      Sally: Don't push it!

    • Sally: (about the Viper) You don't think I'm actually gonna go with you in this thing, do you?
      Joe: This happens to be the most sophisticated car on the planet!
      Sally: Yeah, but I feel much more comfortable if I'm behind the wheel. Remember, I saw you driving last night.

    • Sally: (about the Viper) You wouldn't consider letting me drive, would ya?
      Joe: Never.
      Sally: That so? I love a challenge.

    • (Sally is shot and Joe insists on taking her to the hospital, against Sally's wishes)
      Sally: You're sweet, Joe and if my arm didn't hurt like hell I'd punch your lights out for it!

    • (After Joe's racetrack lap with the Viper)
      Wilkes: Two minutes and eight seconds, that's the time to beat.
      Sally: Piece of cake. (to Joe) Two minutes and eight seconds, you're gonna owe me dinner.
      Joe: I concede.
      Sally: What, you're not going to let me drive the car?
      Joe: I concede, I owe you dinner.
      Sally: So you're admitting that I'm a better driver than you are.
      Joe: No, I just wanna buy you dinner.

    • Wilkes: Nice to have a friend on the force.
      Sally: Nice to have some friends I can trust.
      Joe: Mean that?
      Sally: Don't push it, Astor. Dinner, tonight, pick me up at eight o'clock, and would you mind shaving?

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