Season 3 Episode 5

Out from Oblivion

Aired Unknown Oct 21, 1997 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • When Cole was a rookie in the CIA, his partner, Travis Parker, looked after him. Parker saved his life in Bosnia by pushing him out of the way of a sniper.

  • Quotes

    • Cole: You can't have Italian food everyday, Frankie.
      Frankie: Why not? The Italians do it. Besides, I can't go a day without garlic.
      Cameron: Yeah, we know.
      Frankie: Hey, garlic's good for you, keeps the bugs away.
      Cameron: Yeah, right and everybody else!

    • Cole: I know you can pull through this. You used to say, "Going over the bumps is the only way you learn anything in life".
      Travis: Yeah, I guess I learned enough, 'cause this is one bump Travis ain't over.

    • Travis: I look at you and I still see the same young smartass hotrod, who just knew he could change the world. They should just start giving them speeding tickets. You always did have a good heart, Cole. But haven't you learnt yet? Ain't nobody keeping score.
      Cole: I am.

    • Cameron: We're not turning over Parker 'til we know who we can trust.
      Keltner: You are aiding and abetting an enemy spy.
      Cameron: Yeah, well, we like to call it "Covering our butts".

    • Cole: If you wanna put this thing behind you, you gotta face it head on.
      Travis: You sounds just like me ten years ago.

    • Travis: (wearing a suit) What are you grinning at?
      Cole: Well, you're looking more and more like the man who used to tell me to shut up because I was too damn green to know anything.
      Travis: Shut up, you still are.

    • Cole: (about Travis) After they patched him up, he insisted that Frankie take him back to his hideout. I guess there was no talking him out of it.
      Cameron: Lets see; tough, bullheaded, insists on doing things his way. No wonder you two are such good friends.
      Cole: Are you insulting me or complimenting me?
      Cameron: Both.

    • Travis: (about his family's death) That was no accident, Tom. Our car was sabotaged. It was the first time they tried to kill me and they didn't get me, they got them. I just don't know if I can live with it sober.
      Cole: Travis, I don't think your wife or your daughter would want you walking around blaming yourself for something you had no control over.
      Travis: Yeah? So then who is this, Tom? Who am I? Do you know, man?
      Cole: Come on, man, look around. You're a survivor and a hero, you've got the papers to prove it.
      Travis: A survivor is no braver than an ordinary man, he's just braver for five minutes longer. The Medal of Honor? As soon as I got to Metro, Tom; I pawned it for some booze, so I could have some cash. My five minutes was up a long time ago.

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