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Aired Unknown Jan 02, 1994 on NBC
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The ultimate weapon against crime, the Viper Defender is the city's only hope to stop a crime syndicate, the 'Outfit', from destroying the city. However, the Viper is just too fast and too powerful for all the police officers recruited to drive it. Michael Payton is avoiding arrest and flips car. Strand hears about the accident and has Payton pronounced dead at the scene. The police commissioner orders that Payton's memory be erased and Joseph Payne Astor is born. Joe becomes the new driver and under the supervision of the Viper designer, Julian Wilkes, they set out to take the Outfit down.moreless

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    Jason Carter

    Jason Carter

    Alec Connor

    Guest Star

    Jon Polito

    Jon Polito

    Councilman Strand

    Guest Star

    William Russ

    William Russ

    Mr. Townsend

    Guest Star

    Fay Hauser

    Fay Hauser

    Mara Wilkes

    Recurring Role

    Lee Chamberlin

    Lee Chamberlin

    Commander Delia Thorne

    Recurring Role

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      • Wilkes: How's it handling?
        Madison: Still a little jittery. Better than last month.
        Wilkes: I don't see any mechanical problems. Think the only thing jittery is behind the wheel!

      • Wilkes: (about Madison) If he could drive half as good as he can bitch, we'd be fine.

      • Wilkes: The city council may scrap the project, because of one minor design flaw – my car needs a driver. Some egocentric musclehead with quick reflexes to make my life miserable and my car run.

      • Elizabeth: Your name is Joe Astor, you're with the police.
        Joe: A cop? Don't I have a real job?

      • Elizabeth: I've got to get back to work.
        Joe: Thought I was your work?
        Elizabeth: You're part of it.
        Joe: The most interesting part?
        Elizabeth: Maybe.
        Joe: Come on, all women think about is changing a man's personality. I'm a model to customize here.

      • Strand: (about Joe) I'll tell you who he is; he's a vicious career criminal.
        Elizabeth: Then why was he so interested in whether he hurt someone in the crash?
        Strand: Well, who do you think he is?
        Elizabeth: I don't know. But maybe when he lost his memory, he lost whatever anger or pain made him a criminal in the first place.

      • Frankie: (about the Viper) Can I touch it?
        Wilkes: Hey, you shouldn't even be looking at it.
        Frankie: Poke out my eyes then! I'll die happy.

      • Frankie: All I want is in, okay? To be part of the team. Come on, Julian, sign the transfer papers. Let me wash the wind-shield, let me change the oil, let me borrow the car overnight.
        Wilkes: What!
        Frankie: Too much, okay.

      • (As Joe straps on a gun holster)
        Elizabeth: I thought the car was supposed to protect you.
        Joe: It will, as long as I'm in it.

      • Wilkes: Michael Payton would have died in jail; or on the highway; or in some Outfit double-cross. However you look at it, he was going nowhere fast.
        Joe: That was his choice, his life.
        Wilkes: Well, sometimes your life gets turned upside-down. No one can control that. But if you're lucky, it works out and I'd say you are a very lucky man. Now you get a second chance, man, and a woman who loves you and wants to help you take it. You gonna turn your back on that?

      • Mrs. Houston: It seems my Liz put a lot of faith in you. I'd hate to think she was wrong.
        Joe: I see where Elizabeth got her strength. She helped me find mine.

      • Joe: Yesterday, I lost everything. I had no idea who I was. Now I do. This car is a part of me as much as it's a part of you. With or without you, I'm taking the Viper.
        Wilkes: Oh oh, there you go, there you go, stomping on the gas without putting it in gear. The Viper belongs to the city.
        Joe: The city is corrupt.

      • Commander Thorne: It's a beautiful city, isn't it? The lights, the river. From up here, it looks like it did when I started on the force.
        Joe: It could be that city again.

      • (Trying to access his systems from the Viper)
        Wilkes: I can't even tap into half the systems with this thing. This is not gonna work, I'm flying blind.
        Joe: Then you're gonna have to rely on your eyes, your ears, your reflexes, become what you dread most in this world – a driver. Or worse – a back-seat driver!

      • Wilkes: It's gonna be a hard road. The Outfit'll be breathing down our necks and there'll be a lot of people who won't be happy the Viper's out there.
        Frankie: Well, if you ask me, I'd say the jeopardy factor's pretty high.
        Joe: It's not so high, Frankie. They'll have to catch us first.

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