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  • Just watched first season.

  • Viper I thought was awsome

    I would buy all 4 seasons of Viper I watch what I can on youtube. I would like this show to be on DVD. I would also Like to see Viper comeback to tv and continue like knight Rider even though it took Knight Rider 25 years to come backit was awsome to.
  • knight rider re-make

    yes, this was a knight rider re make. but it was way better. i remember watching it on nbc when it first came out. i thought it was a pretty cool show, but it got cancelled. then it came back in syndication, it was still a cool show. it lasted longer than i thought it would.
  • Not very bad...

    In the day after tomorrow, the Metrocity became the playground of the criminals. Against that threat, Engineer Julian Wilks created the ultimate police pursuit machine, a Dodge Viper which could morph into a vehicle called 'Defender'. One thing was missing...The driver which could handle Defender's enormous skills. The best driver of the bad guys, Michael Payton, had an accident. He was recovered from death by MetroCity Police, his criminal identity was erased and he became Joseph 'Joe' Astor, a policeman, expert for pursuit. Good Show! Great Effects and good character development! Really nice series were these! Bad to canceled them!
  • Pretty superficial stuff, but...

    ...both the car (loved that red viper) and Jeff Kaake as Tom Cole in the resurrected 1996 version of the show, were hot...even in pre-Paris Hilton terms!

    We're not talking Emmy award winning stories or performances for that matter, but I ask you honestly; if you had a hot car that could become even hotter as the Defender AND you had Jeff Kaake to drive it (or pretend to), wouldn't you watch?!

    My husband, who is a car freak, was amazed that I knew about the car too, and anytime a girl can score POST marriage points like THAT, well she damn sure better take the opportunity!

    So now who's superficial?...
  • I really only got a chance to watch this show a little but I liked the concept and the story. What I did watch was I thought was great. I'd really like to see this on DVD.

    I really only got a chance to watch this show a little but I liked the concept and the story. What I did watch was I thought was great. I'd really like to see this on DVD. There is something about a high tech car that is just really appealing to me.

    Like I said, I really only caught a few episodes quite awhile ago when I was actually hospitalized. I've looked everywhere for this show and I can't find it anywhere which really sucks. Trying to fill out a hundred words is tough, I just wanted to say please put this on DVD!
  • I thought it was a great show! I was suprised it didn't last.

    It was such a great show that, I was disappointed when it went off the air. I sure wish there was some where online, that I could read the words to the theme "It prowls the streets. it's origin remains a secret). I so much wanted that car, or even a Dodge Viper, just like I once wanted the K.I.T.T. or a car like it and a Mustang, which is what the K.I.T.T 2008 is- The Knight Industry's Three Thousand, is actually a Mustang Cobra, but it can change into a Mustang pony car. They should make a VIPER movie, or a new VIPER series. They should also make the New Knight Rider into a tv series. Great show, Viper and Knight Rider!
  • Loved the show with Astor!

    I loved the show when NBC originally aired it with
    Joe Astor aka former criminal Michael Payton as the show
    Had chemistry as well as funny! But when it moved to
    First-run syndication, the chemistry wasn't there at all.
    The humor just wasn't there as well. For the actor that played Frankie, he was wasted and stood in the wings for four years! He should had been a major player IMO!
  • One heck of a show -- dazzling special effects, great stunt work, great actors... Probably the most sophisticated car show ever.

    This was a wonderful car TV series. What made this show unique is that it was set in the future -- with an array of concept cars making cameos. A truly trendsetting show especially considering the amazing morphing special effect invented for the car\'s transformation. Probably the best written car show ever -- it was never campy. It should have lasted longer than 4 seasons.
  • Knight Rider, But Newer.

    This is the show that Knight Rider would have become if it was redone now.

    Sadly it was lacking the talking car.

    The stories weren't always great. Other than some of the main characters, the acting wasn't always the best.

    But that's not why I watched it.

    I watched for the gadgets.

    Holographic emmiters in the car, EMP cannons, grappling hooks, and the ability to change into an off road sports car. This show had all the things that made you wonder "how in the world could that be possible?"

    I would still watch it for that today. Though probably not as often.